Angry, Conspiracy-Fueled Anti-Fluoride Crusader

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From the Stranger:

Third-party candidates are a joke, right?

I mean, have you met a third-party candidate? They range from harmless goofballs like Goodspaceguy, who wants to colonize space, to angry, conspiracy-fueled antifluoride crusaders like James Robert Deal. And the socialists? They can be the worst—for example, there’s the stereotypically dour, rhetoric-spewing Socialist Workers Party candidate like Mary Martin, who ran for mayor this year on a vision of transforming Seattle into a new Havana.Viva la revolución!

The Stranger is often more interested in being clever than factual. Read the complete slur here:

2 thoughts on “Angry, Conspiracy-Fueled Anti-Fluoride Crusader

  1. Ailsa Boyden

    Three cheers for Professor Deal who has the courage – and the ethics – to help fight the harmful practice of water fluoridation. May there be many more like him.

  2. Dr. Sauerheber

    Since when pray tell does objecting to eating industrial fluoride compounds for the rest of one’s life deserve the label of “angry antifluoride crusader”? Whatever happened to having regular drinking water, not infused with dental chemicals?

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