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Fraudulent Fluoride Certification

Fraudulent Fluoride Certification

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Fluoridegate – Civil Rights Scandal

WND EXCLUSIVE Is ‘Fluoridegate’ the new civil-rights scandal? Skeptics of ‘settled science’ suddenly no longer on fringe by Steve Elwart Steve Elwart, P.E., Ph.D., is the executive research analyst with the Koinonia Institute and a subject matter expert for the Department of Homeland Security. He can be contacted at The next time you raise […]

Daniel Stockin on Fluoridegate

The Questions of Fluoridegate Scandal Widens, Calls for Hearings Grow as New Revelations Highlight Science in Conflict with Officials’ Statements on Water Fluoridation Safety Part 1 of a Series, By Daniel G. Stockin, MPH Thanks to Following the Hurricane Katrina formaldehyde trailers fiasco and the Washington D.C. lead-in-drinking water disclosures, now yet another scandal […]

Occupy Seattle Flier 10-10-11

OCCUPY SEATTLE PROFITABLE FRAUD BY CHEMICAL COMPANIES LEAD, ARSENIC, SILICOFLUORIDE ADDED TO DRINKING WATER Notice of Liability Served on Seattle and Everett Suit Filed in Federal Court in San Diego Suit Filed in Federal Court in Maryland Read online at: October 10, 2011 Seattle, Everett, and most US cities fluoridate with silicofluoride; around 8% […]

Alveda King & Andrew Young Against Fluoride

Alveda King & Andrew Young Against Fluoride

New Evidence Confirms Dentists Controlled Statements by CDC On Fluoridation Toxicity Concerns Another King Family Member Speaks Out as Fluoridegate Scandal Builds in Atlanta Ellijay, GA – Swirling questions about conflicts of interest and improper influence grew rapidly today as Freedom of Information Act documents showed that since the 1970s, dental health professionals alone in […]


Americans’ distrust of societal institutions continues to grow, and now comes evidence of yet another burgeoning scandal: Fluoride-Gate. A torrent of recent bad news about the safety of fluorides has brought key names to the surface from the murky alphabet soup of players in the fluoride game at EPA, CDC, FDA, NIDCR, USDA, ADA, and […]

Fluoride-Gate–US-and-NZ Fluoride-gate – U.S. Paves Way for Legal Action Sunday, 16 January 2011, 7:01 pm Press Release: Fluoride Action Network Fluoride-gate – U.S. Paves Way for Legal Action in N.Z. U.S. lawyers are actively compiling a case against the people who are, or who have been, responsible for promoting fluoridation. According to an explosive article […]