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Fluoride is Bad For Kidneys

Fluoride is Bad For Kidneys

FLUORIDE IS A NEUROTOXIN WHICH ATTACKS THE KIDNEY See: Fluoride causes excess suffering and death by initiating and exacerbating kidney disease, which in turn causes a cascade of secondary, often fatal, diseases. This review demonstrates that proponents of water Fluoridation have attempted to suppress evidence of harm to the population at large and especially […]

Letter to Chad about Kidneys

6-25-12 Chad, We are not saying that fluoride causes kidney disease but that it worsens it and hastens its progression. Also failing kidneys have reduced ability to excrete fluoride. It is a downward spiral. Fluoride and kidneys do not go together well. Fluoride reduces kidney function and thus the kidneys’ ability to control pH. The […]

Deal to Everett on Kidneys

JAMES ROBERT DEAL ATTORNEY PLLC PO Box 2276, Lynnwood, Washington  98036-2276 Telephone 425-771-1110, Fax 425-776-8081 October 5, 2011 A QUESTION OF CREDIBILITY re-national-kidney-foundation-withdrawal-of-fluoride-endorsement.doc   Everett City Council Mayor Ray Stephanson 3002 Wetmore Ave Everett, WA 98201 Dear Everett City Council and Mayor Stephanson,   I write as president of My associate Golda […]

Kidney Patients Harmed

Water fluoridation at ordinary EPA allowed levels worsens arthritis, including crippling arthritis. See: Critique of EPA’s Maximum Contaminant Level Goal (MCLG) for Fluoride Michael Connett, Ellen Connett, Paul Connett, Chris Neurath Fluoride Action Network (FAN) December 16, 2005  

Fluoride & Our Kidneys

Fluoride and Kidneys Fluoride plays perhaps more mischief with the kidneys than with any other organ. See this excellent summary of the literature by Carol Clinch. “One of the strongest physiological effects of fluorides in drinking water (e.g. hydrofluorosilicic acid) is in the kidney, a point to consider in light of increased rates of kidney […]