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Deal to National Governors’ Association – Fluoridation is Illegal

Deal to National Governors’ Association – Fluoridation is Illegal

  #fluoridationisillegal FLUORIDATION IS ILLEGAL THE NEW FLUORIDATION LEVEL SHOULD BE ZERO April 4, 2016 Follow links by going to this document:  PDF download: To the National Governors’ Association   Dear Governors:   In April 2015, the national Department of Health (DHHS) recommended a .7 ppm fluoridation level as ‘optimal,’ a reduction from […]

Cranbrook BC Fluoride Lawsuit

Cranbrook Daily Townsman – Breaking News City of Cranbrook faces fluoride lawsuit By Arne Petryshen – Cranbrook Daily Townsman Published: August 02, 2013 8:38 AM Updated: August 02, 2013 8:38 AM The issue of fluoride in the drinking water is still a controversial one decades after it began in North America. In Cranbrook, fluoridation began in 1967. The issue last […]

If You Are A Plaintiff

If you have noticeable dental fluorosis, If you have a thyroid problem and have to be careful not to drink or in some cases bathe in fluoridated water, If you get a belly ache when you drink fluoridated water, If you are fluoride allergic, that is if you have reactions when you drink fluoridated water, […]

Federal Fluoride Suits

Safe Water, led by Jeff Green, filed suit against the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. The Complaint is very well done. It is a strong case. More about that below. Now Attorney Chris Nidel has filed suit in federal court in Maryland. His client drank exclusively Gerber baby water as an infant and it […]