From Jim in Daytona Beach

E-mail :

Just got back from speaking to the Holly Hill Commission. I was much more in their face aggressive then ever before. Talked about Carroll -Boone water plant operators doing the right thing. Actually getting a true NSF standard 60 toxicology approval as the CBWD has attempted to do from 47 chemical suppliers in US and Canada.  I also drove home the issue of informed consent and making citizens informed of the risk to infants as the Health department does when asked. Also the ADA Nov 9 2006 that they were going to put out as a warning before Scott Simpson their attorney warned them to not do in 2007.

Got the Mayor to admit what I was asking was simple and the right thing to do.

Also mentioned Selmer TN and Poughkeepsie NY ending fluoridation after they got no answers either from NSF standard 60 requests from any chemical supplier. Both ended fluoridation. Also gave a copy of the emails to Roland Via and the other Guy running is Big John who is against fluoridation mildly. He has a RO to get it out at home and sells them. He owns the radio station and Via also has two show on the station And Big John has a 2 hour show 5 days a week. Had a brief talk with Via with Big John sitting across the table.  This will be weird by any standard for a election. The existing may is nice but a near moron at government business.

Well I stirred the pot big time and was in their face but not shouting. Just very firm is my displeasure at their lack of professionals actions to protect their citizens when they had full knowledge. Really shameful action or actually lack of actions.