Distiller, Bone Char Filter

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You can count on a distiller to give you zero fluoride water. The cost of the distiller, around $300, plus the cost of the extra electricity, is still cheaper and more convenient than buying and hauling big jugs of water.

Another alternative is a bone char filter. Because fluoride loves to mate with calcium, and because bone is mostly calcium, a bone char filter will remove fluoride.

However, a carbon filter such as Britta or more expensive under-the-counter filters do not remove fluoride. The molecule is too small.

Reverse osmosis is said to remove fluoride, but I do not feel confident with this technology.

A deionizer will remove ions, and fluoride is an ion, however, around 2.0% of the fluoride in fluoridated water is HF, which is not an ion, and which a deionizer would not remove.

12 thoughts on “Distiller, Bone Char Filter

  1. Tara Godard

    I am hypersensitive to fluoride and looking for a whole house water filtration system that removes fluoride – is Pelican a good brand? I listened to Dr. Richard Sauerheber presentation at the Gersen Insititute and he recommended Aqua Flo? I could only find an RO water system by Aqua Flo, not a bone char.
    Thank you!

  2. Elliot Kronstein

    I am involved with an orphanage in usariver, Tanzania which has a problem with high levels of flouride in the drinking water. This is a poor village with many people going hungry every day. I am aware of the negative effects of high flouride intake on cognition, IQ and bone structure. We run an orphanage that houses 9 children and schools 60 per day. I appreciate any suggestions on affordable flouride filtration systems that are practical and doable in a poor rural community in Africa

  3. sandro

    @Dr. Richard Sauerheber
    I am grateful to see your comment. Near to buy a water deionizer and you clear definitely my mind. family use, no point to spend a lot of money to buy a reverse osmosis system when with a cartridge (the GE Profile from General Electric, like the name I am an electrician) I can achieve a better result. I checked the unit; in the info they not mention the fluoride filtering, this is the link http://thefridgefiltershop.com/ge-fridge-water-filters-34-c.asp .
    One question: Is the right model?
    And , if I can ask, is changing the pH too?
    Thx and all the best

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  5. Dr. Richard Sauerheber

    Yes water distillion removes the water from fluoride. One unit I use is from Ohio Distillers ($99.00) and produces water that measrues nondetectable fluoride with an ion specific fluroide electrode. Distillation mimics natural evaporation of water by the sun to produce clean rain water. There are no minerals in it that could be added, but this is a good method to eliminate fluoride.
    Reverse osmosis was originally designed to remove molecules of much larger molecular weight than water (at 18) say above 100 typically. Fuoride only weighs 19 and most units do not remove it, until the modern ultra-tiny pore size RO units became abvailable. One is made by General Electric, the GE Profile and is widely available such as at Home Depot. We have checked these and 1 ppm fluoride input water produces water with nondetectable fluoride (below 0.05 ppm). The water is theorized to get through by squeezing under high pressure sideways while the fluoride is retained and tossed in the waste stream. But RO water is only as good as the purity of the input water since many things are not removed by RO such as 2,4 D herbicides, carburetor cleaner methylene chloride, radiator fluid ethylene glycol and other items.
    Whole house removal of fluoride is much more of a problem. Bone char units cost several htousand dollars every few years.
    By the way although the original fluorosilicic acid dumped into the water contains 2% HF, by the time it is in its final diluted level in the public water supply the HF level would not be detectable. After it is ingested however, the fluoride reforms HF in the acidic stomach, so it is important to remove the fluoride from drinking water before consuming it.
    Pay to put it in, and then pay to pull it out. Quite a scam.

  6. Kathleen Corkett

    I’ve yet to get any corporation to commit on paper to their water filtration systems ability to remove 100% of the fluoride, I’m assuming distiller companies would be included…?

    Can anyone provide links for distiller company’s that make such a claim? I’d get one, if they exist. Thanks!

  7. Gregory Mouser

    I have a Zero water filter after I run the tap water thur a DuPont Water filter unit..
    I wonder if that will help until I can afford a good whole house water filter system.

    I wonder if these municipal plants would add something else would it remove lithium if they were mandated by these health agencies to aid with behaviours

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