Incredible – EPA Says No To Dr. Hirzy

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August 6, 2013 — On May 9, 2013, EPA received a petition from J. William Hirzy, Ph.D., Chemist in Residence, with American University, requesting that EPA take action under section 6 of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) to prohibit the use of hydrofluorosilicic acid (HFSA) as a water fluoridation agent. Read the petition (PDF) (255 pp., 17 mb.) and EPA’sacknowledgement letter (PDF) (1 p., 259 kb.) poison-in-our-water

On August 6, 2013, EPA notified the petitioners that after careful consideration, the Agency denied the TSCA section 21 petition because the evidence presented by the petitioners does not adequately support a conclusion that HFSA, when used as a fluoridation agent, presents or will present an unreasonable risk to health or the environment and that a TSCA section 6 rulemaking is necessary to protect adequately against such risk.

See the Agency’s response (PDF)

See Pre-Publication Federal Register Statement of EPA.


From Aliss Terpstra:

Well, there we have it. Proof that the government considers itself completely infallible and beyond the reach of democracy, justice and even the laws of nature. The EPA owns the whole pet shop. This parrot is not dead, because the EPA says it’s just resting.

The EPA says that its own commissioned National Research Council science panel findings of irreversible harm and incontrovertible human suffering from consumption of relatively low fluoride levels (0.3-0.9 mg/L) in drinking water “does not adequately support a conclusion that HFSA used as a fluoridation agent” (at 0.7-0.9 mg/L!!) is a problem.

The EPA says that thyroid disease, increased risk of cancer occurrence and decreased survival expectancy after diagnosis, tooth fluorosis in kids, bone fluorosis in high intake and medically vulnerable consumers, kidney damage, IQ reduction, anemia, IBS, cardiovascular disease, cataracts, preterm birth, migraines, hypersensitivity effects on skin affecting 1-5% of exposed consumers even if they don’t drink the water, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndromes, mental depression and ADD – are actually “reasonable” risks to health that the government says the public may expect and must endure WITHOUT RECOURSE from the addition of HFSA to public drinking water.

The EPA says there isn’t enough evidence to conclude that HFSA should not be added to public drinking water to reach a fluoride level five to fifty times what nature usually provides in natural source water taken for drinking, and discharged into the downstream environment at a level that radically changes the calcium ratio and kills keystone species in the aquatic food chain. Apparently common sense and logic are irrelevant in EPA decisions.

The EPA ignores the rule that UNESCO already wrote and the rest of the world signed, and says there has to be a new rule before fetus, infant, child and medically vulnerable consumer can have the human right not to be forced to suffer the effects of fluoride toxicity from HFSA added to their paid-for drinking water. A new rule, before any action can be taken to put a stop to the picayune obsessions of sociopathic public health officials up there in that protected section of the CDC offices in Atlanta where they study every horrible thing that Mengele ever did and try to figure out how to mandate it as a public policy for private profit.

Congratulations, America! You’ve been Reaped by the EPA! Welcome to the Hunger Games, and may the odds be EVER in your favour.


3 thoughts on “Incredible – EPA Says No To Dr. Hirzy

  1. Alice Terpstra

    @Zammbi: This is so relevant, given the anniversary of the Civil Rights march. Did your parents provide you with peer reviewed papers when they made claims that it was wrong to stab your baby sister in the face with a pencil? Did Moses demand peer reviewed papers from Jehovah before agreeing to chisel all those characters laboriously into the stone tablets? Did he argue, like you, that they are Ten Unsubstantiated Claims and therefore no one needs to obey them? When the government approves what is ethically wrong, how are peer reviewed papers relevant? America had a civil war over the “hypothesis” that black people are not human. Yep, it was peer reviewed science that backed legalized slavery allowing imprisonment, murder, torture, rape, abuse, discrimination and humiliation of black people, Mandatory slavery was really, really bad law. How about the law for making them drink toxic waste fluoride in municipal tap water? Slavery and fluoridation with HFSA have nothing to do with peer reviewed science. They have to do with Civil Rights. They can only be remediated by CONSCIENCE. ETHICS. and LAW. By the way, Hitler’s Dream Team wrote up the peer reviewed papers to show that Aryans are the Master Race. The EPA has been using that playbook to deny that HFSA is anything other than mild as sparrow spit as a water additive. IT’S WRONG. And the fact that YOU, Zammbi, don’t get it, speaks volumes.

  2. david

    WHAT DO WE NEED THE EPA FOR? Human life has always taken a back seat to the profits of industry. Whatever we do now is an act of self defense and we have to realize that we are the enemy and just because they have the uniform of the government they are the enemy. Freud said that the only purpose governments have is to control the instruments of murder and allow people to do things they never would by putting on a uniform. Those in government wear the uniform and consider us the enemy.

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