Darryl Turner from Down Under sent this in:

I worked in aluminum foundrys for 15 years and used Sodium Fluoride every single day in the process of aluminum processing and have as you know, I’ve since been diagnosed with CFIDS.

In the video of Dr Phyllis Mullenix’s speech, she says that 1-5% of the population have a sensitivity to fluoride and those figures are the same as 1-5% of the population have CFIDS.

I’ll let the links below tell you the rest and please take the time to look at the other videos on the right hand side of the Youtube page of the 1st link.



Oh, and Prozac is 94% fluoride by the way and if you’re wondering why I’ve include in this email, the medical profession are pulling the wool over the public’s eyes and they’ve been doing it for decades.




Please take the time to look at this information, because we can be helped by getting rid of the fluoride, “HYDROFLUOROSILICIC ACID,” this the actual substance that used is to fluoridate the water supplies of the world.

I am using  reverse osmosis drinking water and am also using “Vitamin C, Calcium Ascorbate” crystaline powder that I purchased at a Health Store and am feeling much better.

The fluoride that has been absorbed in the body, which is about 50% of intake, attaches itself to the calcium and then gets excreted, and that is how you can rid your self of the poison.

It actually works because I’m living proof and there are peer review papers stating that fluoride is bound to calcium and anything that comes along, like heavy metals that “is in” the “HYDROFLUOROSILICIC ACID,” etc.



Take care and thank you for your time and please don’t hesitate to contact me for more info

Darryl Turner [darrt6@iprimus.com.au]