Fluoride Levels in Bottled Water and Colas

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From Dr. Richard Sauerheber

Fluoride levels are here reported for the public interest. A LaMotte Instruments electronic fluoride electrode meter was used to measure the free fluoride ion. (Some measurements shown employed a Hannah Instruments colorimetric photometer which likely measures fluoride from hydrofluoric acid HF, as well as the free ion).

Drinking Waters:


Albertson’s spring water .14

Alkaline (IonWays)  .4

Aquafill 0.21

Aquafina 0.0

Arrowhead 0.4 – 1.3 depending on lot

Crystal Geyser drinking water .42

Culligan (Jimbo’s Naturally) water 0.6

Dasani water   0.0

Essentia water   0

Ethos Spring water (Baxter  and Sugar Pine, California)   0.0

Glacier machine water   0.0

Horizon Water (100% pure mountain spring water from private source atop Palomar

Mountain (ozonated)   .21

Kirkland 0.14

Nestle 0.0

Niagara 0.2

Palomar Mountain Spring Water 0.0 ppm

Safeway Refresher Spring Water  0.2

San Diego Spring water  0.2

Sparkletts drinking water .14

Trader Joe’s (bottled in Los Angeles)  0.6 ppm


Albertson’s apple juice 0.0

Albertson’s orange juice  0.0

Benchley raspberry tea 0.56

Bigelow apple cinnamon herb tea 0.0

Bigelow Green tea in zero fluoride water  4.34

Bigelow Eggnogg Tea    2.1 ppm

Celestial seasonings green tea 1.54

Celestial seasonings orange spice black tea 0.56

Coke   0.4

Gatorade drinks 0 ppm

Kirkland Green Tea  0.4 ppm

Lipton tea .98

Palomar College fountain sodas  0.0

Pauma Casino fountain sodas 0.0

Pepsi  0.6

Silk soymilk 0.21

Squirt soda  0 ppm

(should be neutralized and re-read) and apple juice 0.0

tomato fluid 0.0

Valley View Casino Spring water 0.14  and soda fountain coke 0.14

V8 splash 0.0

watermelon fluid   0.0

West Soy soymilk 0.28

3 thoughts on “Fluoride Levels in Bottled Water and Colas

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  2. Gregory Mouser

    Interesting facts thanks for posting I do know why some teas have more fluoride in them because they naturally take it up in their root system depending upon what I have read and been told by others studying this…. I guess I figured the bottled water industry that keeps in the minerals would have been higher…..like colas

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