James Deal is a brave man – Just marching into the city council meeting and presenting on the topic of fluoride. When he announced he was doing this, I decided to join the ranks and speak up too (as long as I wasn’t doing it alone). I figured that people would see us as whakos – and to a certain extent I may have been right. However I didn’t FEEL that while we were there.

I did feel like there was opposition – planted opposition to speak the pro-fluoride agenda and they definitely wanted us to feel icky (like outrightly laughing at some of our public comments). The council as a whole seemed receptive to our message. That was a pleasant surprise.

I didn’t want to lose any progress made so I went home and made a short video of my presentation to the council and posted the speech on my website (http://fluoridedetective.com/2011/07/28/speak-your-mind/).

People can glance at them and get ideas for their own presentations to their city council. I’m planning on doing the same thing for any presentations given to city councils. That probably means making a special section on Fluoride Detective for city council presentations – eventually.

I’m not supposed to say this, but . . . but I feel discouraged with the fluoride fight – and I’ve barely begun. I do very much appreciate this Fluoride Poisoning group to help to keep me marching on.

Thanks to you all!! Your words are valuable and supportive to all of us out here.

Golda Starr