Hydrogen Fluoride Used To Make Gasoline

Torrance California Rally against Hydrogen Fluoride

Hundreds of people came out in the rain to rally and march to protest the continued use of Hydrogen Fluoride at the nearby oil refinery.   A couple years ago an explosion almost caused a catastrophic release of hydrogen fluoride that could have killed and injured thousands.

One thought on “Hydrogen Fluoride Used To Make Gasoline

  1. Mike

    More proof Big Corporate doesn’t care about the average Joe in the slightest
    and has a heartless, cruel luciferian agenda of its own.
    Well, newsflash: no matter how dark it is,
    each unspeakable night of terror, death, and obscurantism comes to an end eventually !
    Look at the sky ! The daylight is coming ! How do we know this? No matter how dark it is in the night,
    there will always be stars of truth, hope, and consolation shining to their brightest !

    Resist the tyranny, people ! Resist !

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