Wherever we are, we are either fighting to get the lead-arsenic-mercury-cadmium-thallium-fluoride out of our water or we are fighting to stop the chemical mega companies from putting it in.

We are all in the same fight, so we should fight together. Portland’s fight is my fight and your fight.

Spokane is the next city targeted by fluoridationists. City leaders there are saying “Let’s wait and see what happens in Portland.”

The Portland City Council  voted 5-0 to add fluorosilicic acid to its drinking water. Clean Water Portland raised 40,000 signatures to put it on the ballot in May.

The Council members have been duped by the chemical mega companies and the medical and dental and dental colleges they contribute to and by the doctors and dentists who graduated from those schools and want to get brownie points with their pro-fluoridation professors.

The Council members have been duped by the federal and state agencies which have been infiltrated by pro-chemical company fluoridationists.  

The Council members have been duped by NSF, the trade association which has chemical company representatives on its board, and which falsely certifies fluoridation materials to be safe and to have passed twenty different toxicological studies.

The law allows fluoridation only with fluoridation materials which “comply” with NSF requirements, so chemical companies obtain NSF certification for their product. But NSF officials have admitted under oath that the toxicological studies are not being done. Yet the chemical companies put a disclaimer on the Certicate of Analysis, a disclaimer of all liability. This is an Oregon Consumer Act and FTC Consumer Act violation.  See www.Fluroide-Class-Action.com/sham.

Fluoridation is a common law battery committed by a government and therefore it is a violation of the 14th Amendment. It is a felony, and a felony committed by two or more parties working together across state lines is also a RICO Act crime.

Portland is perhaps the greenest large city in North America, and the thought of toxic waste in their water is exceedingly disgusting.

The fluoridationists timed their city council coup so the opponents would have very little time to get on the ballot to stop them.

Portland volunteers are standing at grocery stores and knocking on doors campaigning. However, they are being outspent two-to-one. Volunteers have to work for a living and only have so much time, so money is needed to reach as many voters as possible.

Portland needs to raise money. NOW!

There is no time to mess around.


Go online and donate: 



Donate $5 or $50 or $100 or $500. Whatever you can afford.

If you can’t afford to contribute then help Clean Water Portland do phoning. Most people have free long distance. You do not have to be in Portand to call voters. Call 503-893-8999 and offer to do phoning.

Let’s help Portland. Time is short.

Please forward this email to everyone on your list.



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Says Attorney Deal: “They have all the money, but we have all the good ideas. If we persist, we cannot lose”.