Moral Imbecile

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Stuart Mathieson says, in response to the James Robert Deal post on Open Parachute regarding a proposed experiment on embryos and fetuses:

The James Robert Deal experiment. Mr Deal, believing x,y and z to be critically harmful to the human foetus, is prepared to inflict it onto pregnant mothers to “prove” it so.

That pretty much shows Mr Deal to be a moral imbecile and should be broadcast for the world to see.

For the reader’s convenience, there is a copy of my post to be found here:

Dear Stuart,

You did not read the post very well. The A group is former fertility patients, those who were not advised not to consume fluoride and are no longer patients. The B group is all new patients, those advised to avoid all fluoride in water, food, and toothpaste. The C group is those who are current patients; they started before the advice was given to avoid fluoride but are informed mid-stream during their treatment to stop consuming fluoride.

A prestigious fertility clinic back East is interested in implementing this study.

What you miss is the simple fact that from the start of the study going forward all current and new patients would be advised to avoid fluoride.

Got it? I do not support the continued infliction of fluoride on mothers for the sake of creating fluoride and non-fluoride groups.

Are you going to apologize for calling me a “moral imbecile”?

Resorting to insult is another technique whereby the exits from the fluoridation maze are blocked. You don’t have to try to understand your opponent; you can just insult him and dismiss him that way.

James Robert Deal

5 thoughts on “Moral Imbecile

  1. Andy

    I would take anything that emanates from the NZ blog Open Parachute with a grain of salt.
    It is a temple of intolerance and psuedo-science.

    It would be hard to find a more dogmatic blog on the internet

  2. kerry

    I notice that people who consistently engage in ‘motivated reasoning’,are usually the ones throwing insults,
    spurious claims and accusations around,when actually,they have no idea what they are talking about due to
    their refusal or incapacity to fully investigate both sides of a debate,and draw their own conclusions,based on
    historical documentation,physical/anecdotal evidence,known facts,commonsense,past and recent scientific
    studies,law and precedence,human rights,and various other subtle factors that allow the analytical mind to
    perceive an expanded awareness of truth.This in turn leads to greater revelation and growth in consciousness.
    Unfortunately,some of our fellow brotherhood of men are less evolved spiritually,meaning they are somewhat
    ‘stuck’ having to work all this out at the emotional level.Yet,we do not feel sorry for them,just the opposite-we
    praise them for their efforts(albeit out of ignorance & fear),for it is a natural part of the human condition,before
    making a permanent leap into the universe that is the human mind,as an integrated personality.This transition
    facilitates an increased intuitive functioning utilizing previously latent synapses in the brain.In turn,it allows one
    who has aquired these skills to KNOW That INDUSTRIAL FLUORIDE is a TOXIC POISON,and that any residues
    of industrial chemicals,heavy metals,and radionuclides are NOT healthy to either Human,Animal or Enviroment.

    We do not necessarily need ‘Integrated Personality’ status to come to the same conclusions,however,working
    with/toward the same fundamental principles when attempting to work out who we are and what we stand for
    is a good place to start.-Hyperlinguisitcalism ! look it up and start to open the mind a little Stuart.and ease off
    the fluoridated water you obviously consume happily.One of it’s effects is lowered I.Q

  3. Professor Deal Post author


    Your comment is not substantive. You are just hurling accusations and insults at random. Nevertheless, I am approving this post.

  4. Stuart Mathieson

    Stuart Mathieson on December 19, 2013 at 7:22 am
    I notice the real Deal class action web site goes on and on in a number of postings about “toxic” elements and compounds such as lead, arsenic and various radioactive elements deposited he claims because of the corrosive effects of fluorosilicic acid, these other toxins end up in our drinking water. The fact of the matter is that concentrations are managed so that extraneous elements are well within the natural occurrence of them. It doesn’t take long to realise this site and other (Organic and Homesteader) sites have a fixation on contamination bordering on mania. 
    It reveals a profound ignorance of biology and evolution which has always operated in environments rich in traces of this and that. I’m reminded of the old Scottish Calvinists who banned the consumption of potatoes because they were not mentioned in the Old Testament. 

  5. Stuart Mathieson

    You are right in one respect. I did not read every line of your inane nonsense and why would I? You have demonstrated time and again your contempt for argument, evidence and reference for views opposite to your own. You are like the creationists who demand that every supporter of evolution has to prove it to you, personally, on your terms. The evidence is there for you to read, not me to shove down your throat. But you choose not to read it or accept the implications of it. What you are doing is parading your ego and your narcissistic personality at the expense of credibly the health and welfare of millions of people. Only a moral imbecile and a sociopath could do that.   

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