Sharon Dressler
Everett Washington
September 11, 2012

Hi, My name is Sharon Dresler and I reside in Everett WA 98208. I have lived in the Lynnwood, Everett area for more than 25 years. Recently I became aware of the source of the fluoride being added to our water supply. I was astonished and outraged knowing that the average person has no idea what is being given to them without their knowledge.

I was trained as a pharmacist and have previously worked as such, but let my license expire as I stayed home to raise my family. I had heard all my life about the benefits of adding fluoride to water and as a topical to prevent dental cavities. I was also taught that in pharmacy school. However we studied and talked about sodium fluoride, not about some other product being added to our water. For babies and children to supplement with fluoride a prescription must be written and based on the fluoride in the communities water supply it is adjusted so there are not toxic effects. The higher the fluoride in the water supply the less is needed for the infant or young child by prescription. Conversely the lower the fluoride in the water supply the more supplementation is given. But this was assumed to be sodium fluoride not some waste product that is more toxic to our health. I made an assumption through school and working as a pharmacist that the less toxic sodium fluoride was being added to water supplies. This is the substance we studied. The toxicity of various forms of fluoride was not addressed and I had no reason to believe that something else was being used instead in our water supply.

How do you feel when you realize you’ve either been lied to, or duped into believing something that isn’t true because not all the information was given to you. I feel angry. I feel shocked that we would add a waste product to our water supply, instead of what I had studied in school.

At this point in time we can not opt out of receiving fluoridated water as individuals. We must let them know we are against what they are doing to us. To now read the studies that say dental cavity rates are reduced EVEN where there is non-fluoridated water, and that toxicity signs are present (fluorosis of teeth, hypothyroid problems, lower IQ in the young, and other health issues to state a few) I take back my support of fluoride being used. At least in toothpaste or prescriptions you are limiting the availability and making your own choice but do not take this choice away from the people. Eventually all of us are affected by the fluoride but some people are extra sensitive and show toxic signs in various ways as I stated earlier. Please follow up and read some of the materials and links being supplied to you today.

As for using non-FDA approved fluoride to fluoridate our water who will take responsibility for the toxicity. We assume, obviously wrongly that the toxicity studies have been done. We assume our Health district will take care of us. Is this wrong also? Everyone seems willing to pass the buck to take responsibility for this problem. The city counsels, the water districts, the suppliers of the toxic product all turn a blind eye while the toxicity goes on. When will you stand up to the suppliers and tell them to get the toxicity studies and start protecting the people who believe you are working in their best interest.