Pulitzer Prize for Propaganda

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The 2013 Pulitzer Prize Winners

Editorial Writing


For distinguished editorial writing, the test of excellence being clearness of style, moral purpose, sound reasoning, and power to influence public opinion in what the writer conceives to be the right direction, using any available journalistic tool, Ten thousand dollars ($10,000).

Awarded to Tim Nickens and Daniel Ruth of theTampa Bay Times, St. Petersburg, Fla., for their diligent campaign that helped reverse a decision to end fluoridation of the water supply for the 700,000 residents of the newspaper’s home county.

2 thoughts on “Pulitzer Prize for Propaganda

  1. Alison McKellar

    I completely agree, Jim. Awarding a Pulitzer Prize to these people is so perplexing on so many levels. I am not as surprised by the inability of these journalists to present the facts in a balanced way as I am by the inexplicable oversight by the folks on the Pulitzer judging committees. What could possibly explain their decision?

  2. Jim Schultz

    Pinellis County is next to the center of the phosphate industry in Florida. Corporate interest and public health is deeply invested in the fluoridation lie of benefit for all. Put some money in some commissioner hands and have the dentists and health department give them the save the kids speach and fluoridation is back in.
    Is it possible a journalist could be so stupid as to only look at one side of the story when so much science shows it totally false? Or is it more likely political and corporate pressure demanded protection for the local industry that disposes of its toxic waste around the country?
    The Tampa Tribune and lakeland ledger both ran lots of pollution stories decades ago how fluoride fumes destroyed cattle groves and crops across central fluorida. The EPA required stomestack pollution scrubbers about 1972 to halt this destruction locally. Now it is shared with the entire US one glass at a time and 99% to just go into the environment of fluoridating communities for their small share of the toxic load.
    Their can be great political backlash for doing the right ,smart and correct thing like protecting the public from the health deaprtment and ADA fraud of fluoridation. Lets not forget the mercury fillings put into poor peoples heads as perfectly safe when there is no way for mercury to be safe in your body. Dentists in Florida rarely even have a amalgam sperator but instead are the prime mercury polluter into our water. Then the sewer plants sell this mercury heavy metal bio sludge to farms and groves to be recycled into our foods. We even import waste sludge from New York to spead on our crops and fields.
    The Daytona News Jouranl has also taken a strong Editorial position to protect fluoridation for the kids. Surely these people know how to research. Or maybe they just do not care about the truth or their readers health.

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