How’s this to send to the Water District as a hypothetical discussion between neighbors in Encinitas?Dilbert-water-department-drinks-bottled-water

Neighbor A:  What are you doing to my water main at the front street?
Neighbor B:  I’m tapping it to infuse sodium fluoride into your house water supply.
A: Why?
B. To help your kids with their dental caries.
A: My kids don’t have caries.
B. Studies have shown that drinking it lowers the average dental bill by reducing caries.
A. I don’t have a caries bill–my kids don’t have caries.
B. But the State makes me do it because your fluoride level is too low.  They once thought it should be 1 ppm but now they want it at 0.7 ppm.  Yours is deficient at only 0.3 ppm.
A. OMWD has been delivering deficient water the entire time the organization has existed?
B. Yes but I’ll fix that for you.
A. You missed my point. Our water has been fine until now–leave it alone. What about Federal water law, the Safe Drinking Water Act that prohibits adding chemicals into water other than to sanitize the water? You’re breaking the law.
B. Don’t worry it’s good for you so I supercede that law. The State mandate trumps all Federal law.
A. Who pays for this?
B. You do–I’ll send you the bill.
A. The State water law says not to charge ratepayers.
B. But if I didn’t charge you for the service I wouldn’t have the money to cover all the costs.
A. I don’t want the service–I don’t have caries.
B. You have to have it anyway, and you have to pay for it.
A. But it accumulates in my kids’ bones during lifelong consumption.
B. Yes but that’s harmless.
A. How do yo know that?
B. The Olivenhain Municipal Water District site said that drinking fluoridated water is safe–no qualifications given and no side effects listed–so it’s therefore safe for all and for the rest of everyones’ entire lives to drink.
A. What about my terminal stomach cancer relative and the HF that forms in stomach from the fluoride? And what about my relative who lives here with osteoporosis? And the other who gets kidney dialysis daily?
B. There is no proof that it will harm anyone.
A. So that means it doesn’t harm anyone?
B. Yes, OMWD published this on their website.
A. I’m going to call the police.
B. The police won’t do anything because this is a State mandate.
A. Get off my property.
B. I’m on city property.
A. The line conducts water into my home.
B.  But I’m only treating water while it’s on city property. And I don’t make you drink it–I’m just doing my job.
A. If I can’t drink it shouldn’t I get a rate reduction?
B. It’s your choice not to drink the water I provide, your choice is not my fault and you must pay for the service.
A. I have friends with allergy to fluoride on contact–even when showering. Are they supposed to move away from their homes?
B. I’ve never seen any evidence of fluoride sensitivity.
A. How long have you been fluoridating?
B. I’m just starting with your house first.
A.  Then you don’t know anything about fluoride allergy.
B. I have been told by the State that there is nothing to be concerned about.
A. Then the allergic will have to refuse to accept your fluoridated water.
B. Then they will get no water. If they don’t pay, I’ll turn off your water.
A. We have to have water to live.
B. Then you must accept the fluoridated water.
A. You honestly expect the allergic to spend thousands of dollars to bone char treat their entire water supply?
B. I don’t expect anything–I just supply the fluoridated water.
A. I thought you said you were expecting dental bills to be reduced by decreasing caries.
B. Yes that I expect, but I side effects I ignore, including dental fluorosis that will increase in incidence as a result of my work.
A. Get another line of work please and leave my home alone.
B. I do to the water what I’m told by State officials.
A. What about those officials who know this is a false practice?
B. I never talk to them–I have fluoride to infuse, now get along.