Sno Co Health Dist Replies 10-6-12

At the August 14, 2012, meeting of the Snohomish County Board of Health it was mentioned that the Program and Policy Committee would meet and discuss fluoridation issues raised. I made it clear that we would like to be notified of the meeting so we could attend.

At the Board meeting on September 11, 2012, it was announced that at some time between August 14 and September 11 the Program Policy Committee had met and had heard from Dr. Goldbaum that the Program and Policy Committee had decided that “no further action would be taken”.

No one connected with the Board notified me or any other Everett Safe Water members that the Program Policy Committee was going to meet.

I wrote to the Board and criticized this violation of the Open Meetings Act. I sent the following request for documents to the Board:

On behalf of Everett Safe Water, I am demanding that the Board send me any and all written notes or documents and any audio or video recordings of the aforesaid meeting of the Program Policy Committee.

Nancy Blevins, Public Records Manager, sent the following items:

Agenda for the August 23, 2012, meeting of the Policy & Program Committee of the Snohomish County Board of Health.

Outline of Dr. Goldbaum’s written presentation to the August 23, 2012, meeting of the Policy & Program Committee.

Audio recording of the August 23, 2012, meeting of the Policy & Program Committee of the Snohomish Councy Board of Health.

4 thoughts on “Sno Co Health Dist Replies 10-6-12

  1. Jim

    Our current mayor Fred Kelly in Ormond Beach is now giving out the Quackwatch site to discredit Dr Mercola. I tried to warn him how objectionable Stephen barrett MD is and of all of his court cases filed and lost. That many would find him offensive as they have been attacked and he even has called talk radio locally defending quack watch as a good source of information. And then defended fluoridation against hosts who knew much more then him after saying he had studied this issue for hundreds of hours. He told me for 40 years. So I took his emails from his government computer link and shared them with the rest of the commission and begged him to use better judgement. I had informed him Dr Mercola now winters in a home in our city and it would be more proper to give him the key to the city. Labeling him as a quack is just not the welcome wagon method. But the mayor said he would follow the MD(barrett) not a PHD. Actually I thing Mercola is a DO. He also said it called quack watch for a reason. Then he called a health talk show to say how angry he was at lies I am telling as he never called mercola a Quack. I agree I did not hear the words from his mouth but got several emails insisting I had to read the quack watch site. He really did not like my responses defening Mercola. He did 4 emails to a talk show host insisting he read the quack watch article who told him on the air how questionable barrett is. Then the Mayor told about his hundreds of hours of research. Then the host shared his opinions of the risks and little value. Our mayor is the forest Gump of stupid when it comes to defending fluoridation. He even got me banned from speaking on the topic about 5 yers ago when he said it made him cross to have to listen to me. Seems like he started out stupid on his own.

  2. Jim

    Back in 2009 My Dentist Mayor Fred Costello Ormond Beach Florida asked for a special health department meeting with silencing me as a agenda item. I did not discover this until NYSCOF gave me a heads up months later with the agenda. Dr Coleman then health department boss Volusia County told me it was not a public meeting and no records ,transcrip or list of attendies existed. I did end up getting the POwer points for State health department and state ADA for the meeting at the health department building with the local ADA members. Mayor Costello said he did not attend so coulc not tell me who attended either.
    Two months later Port Orange held a workshop on fluoridation I had asked for giving me no notice ande banning me from speaking and others against fluoridation. so I watched the clowns read the script giving their side of reality. Then the commission voted to keep fluoridation. One commissioner even stated it was a great thing dentists were willing to lose income by allowing fluoridation to protect kids from cavities. I was allowed to speak at the next meeting as a moot point. Government at its worst to protect special interests.

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