Ask Aliss

From Aliss: Here is what passes for credible authoritative information, spelling mistakes and all, from the highly educated Director of Strategic Support for Toronto Public Health. This is what our highly paid councillors accept from their highly paid staff advisors about the ethics, safety and full costs of water fluoridation, without question, without due diligence, […]

Council of Canadians Opposes Fluoridation

The Council of Canadians Opposes Fluoridation: Drinking water is fluoridated in Canada, the United States and Australia, but almost nowhere else in the world. Western Europe and Japan have almost no fluoridated water supplies. About 43 percent of Canadians live in communities with fluoridated tap water. The Council of Canadians is opposed to the fluoridation […]

News From Quebec

La fluoration de l’eau à Mont-Joli: un débat stérile Les droits des citoyens doivent être primés Gilles Parent, naturopathe Opinion du lecteur – Publié le 4 novembre 2011 à 10:20   Photo d’un robinet illustrant l’ouverture du Symposium du Réseau Canadien de l’Eau, à Montréal, le mercredi 8 juin 2011.JOEL LEMAY/24H MONTREAL/AGENCE QMI Le 24 […]

Oh Canada!

From Aliss Terpstra of Toronto: Canada has a different legal set up for fluoridation than U.S. Each province regulates drinking water quality but each municipality/ region is legally, financially and democratically responsible for fluoridation that must meet the provincial law. Health Canada and the provincial health agencies misinform the public and the elected councils that […]

Fluoride Rolled Back in Quebec

October 8, 2011 From Gilles Parent, ND.A., Montreal Dear James Robert, You are always inspriring. We will be sending to all municipalities that are fluoridating their water, there are only 11 water treatment system that serves about 17 muncicipalities and 3 % of the total population in Quebec.  It was 7.5% in 2005, our actions […]