Fluoride is Bad For Kidneys

Fluoride is Bad For Kidneys

FLUORIDE IS A NEUROTOXIN WHICH ATTACKS THE KIDNEY See: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/313025968_Fluoride_is_a_developmental_Nephrotoxin_-_coming_to_a_Kidney_near_you Fluoride causes excess suffering and death by initiating and exacerbating kidney disease, which in turn causes a cascade of secondary, often fatal, diseases. This review demonstrates that proponents of water Fluoridation have attempted to suppress evidence of harm to the population at large and especially […]

Letter to Chad about Kidneys

6-25-12 Chad, We are not saying that fluoride causes kidney disease but that it worsens it and hastens its progression. Also failing kidneys have reduced ability to excrete fluoride. It is a downward spiral. Fluoride and kidneys do not go together well. Fluoride reduces kidney function and thus the kidneys’ ability to control pH. The […]

Deal to Everett on Kidneys

JAMES ROBERT DEAL ATTORNEY PLLC PO Box 2276, Lynnwood, Washington  98036-2276 Telephone 425-771-1110, Fax 425-776-8081 James@JamesRobertDeal.com October 5, 2011 A QUESTION OF CREDIBILITY http://www.fluoride-class-action.com/wp-content/uploads/james-robert-deal-to-everett- re-national-kidney-foundation-withdrawal-of-fluoride-endorsement.doc   Everett City Council Mayor Ray Stephanson 3002 Wetmore Ave Everett, WA 98201 Dear Everett City Council and Mayor Stephanson,   I write as president of www.Fluoride-Class-Action.com. My associate Golda […]

Kidney Patients Harmed

Water fluoridation at ordinary EPA allowed levels worsens arthritis, including crippling arthritis. See: Critique of EPA’s Maximum Contaminant Level Goal (MCLG) for Fluoride Michael Connett, Ellen Connett, Paul Connett, Chris Neurath Fluoride Action Network (FAN) December 16, 2005