Contribute to Fluoride Action Network

12-31-12   From James Robert Deal Attorney – If you care about lead in your drinking water, and a lot of other unhealthy contaminants, contribute to Fluoride Action Network.   Go to,  and be generous.  And buy this book: The Case Against Fluoride.   Most communities which fluoridate do so using fluorosilicic acid, which […]

Ending the Betrayal of Trust

Bulletin: Ending the Betrayal of Trust By Paul Connett, PHD August 8, 2010 Even though the combined forces of the CDC (and other agencies of the mighty US Department of Health and Human Services- DHHS) and ADA have enormous political power and huge financial resources, as far as fluoridation promotion is concerned they are lumbering […]

Mercola & Connett on Fluoridation

Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr Paul Connett discuss the need to end water fluoridation without further delay. See their video entitled “Warning:  This Daily Habit is Damaging Your Bones, Brain, Kidneys, and Thyroid“. This is the link: Read the transcript here.