To Salmon Fluoride Stinks

When there is fluoride in river water at low levels, salmon swim the other way.

See these journal articles:

Salmon – repelled by fluoridation at only .25 ppm, Columbia River, Washington, Frasier River, Kamloops, British Columbia, summary of peer reviewed journal articles.

Salmon – Foulkes & Anderson, Impact of Artificial Fluoridation on Salmon Species in the Northwest USA and British Columbia, Canada, Fluoride, Vol 27, No 4, 220-226 (1994.)


Snohomish River Salmon Run Crashes – Fluoridation Connection

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  6. Jim

    Environmental groups have often ignored the many risks to humans and the environment from fluoridation. The ban bottled water group has even attacked those concerned about the perceived risks from fluoridated water. Fluoridation is somehow seen as magical and safe while being legally a contaminate straight from a pollution scrubber smokestack. So very few dentists even have a clue about the risks of cumulative toxicity to so many body functions. They do not even get the facts correct for teeth as the Yoder K.M. study showed. Extreme ignorance is the norm in the dental community that any benefit is topical not ingestion as most still claim.
    Good to see Neal Carmen in Austin Tx fighting against fluoridation with teh Sierra Club. Might just be him as a individual but we really need these organizations to understand fluoridation is their issue also. The solution to dilution ends up being called fluoridation and only harms the environment as contamination levels rise over times in sedements and plants and wildlife. A American ,Canadian did speak out to protect the great lakes from fluoridation contamination. Few seem to have heard but most all legislators claim to want safe water and to protect wildlife and the environment. Fluoridation is not considered a risk by most.

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