The Washington safe water groups are trying triangulation, going to the captive water districts and asking them to pressure the supplying district into

delivering safe water to them.

We are lucky to have a newspaper in Mill Creek which has an enlightened editor. He is covering our efforts and publishing our articles.We are planning to visit all the captive water districts and cities in Snohomish County. We now have a group of eight or more speakers we can mobilize. Our efforts will bear fruit. This will be published in the next paper:

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September 6, 2012


Fred Fillbrook
Mill Creek View
16212 Bothell Everett # F313
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by James Robert Deal, Lynnwood Attorney


Mill Creek residents buy their tap water from Alderwood and Silver Lake Water Districts, which in turn buy it from Everett. Unfortunately, Everett adds so-called fluoride to the water, a stew of lead, arsenic and many other chemicals. Fluoridation persists because chemical and fertilizer companies profit from it and because our regulatory agencies are manipulated by the industries they regulate.


These contaminants are ineffective in reducing tooth decay and harmful to everyone’s health, some in the short term, some in the long term. Fluoridation was first promoted by the same people who promoted tetraethyl lead, another profitable poison.


The Safe Water groups have asked the Mill Creek City Council to demand that Everett deliver uncontaminated water to the water districts which serve its citizens. We are asking the residents of Mill Creek to call and write city council and water district members and assure them of your political support if they will take this bold step, one which might otherwise be politically risky. You see, many people, including wealthy but uninformed dentists, still believe the myth that so-called fluoride is just fine.


Hydrogen fluoride penetrates the placental barrier and harms the fetus and actually lowers IQ. Likewise, fluoride binds with aluminum, which together penetrate the blood brain, where they cause or exacerbate dementia. Fluoride builds up in bones and ligaments, making bone brittle and contributing to arthritis and bone fractures. Hydrogen fluoride penetrates stomach lining and causes or exacerbates Crohn’s disease. Fluoride harms diabetics because they drink so much water. Fluoride is toxic to kidneys.


Fluoridation is a myth and a fraud. Do your part to see that we no longer have to drink, cook our food with, bathe in, or water our garden with this contaminated water.


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James Robert Deal

One thought on “Triangulation

  1. Jim

    Detroit serves ovwer 130 cities with water from a 60 mile source pipeline from Lake Huron. All receive H2sif6 flouoridated water for the chemical addition called fluoridation. fluoridation has been a massive failure in Detroitrt from U of Mich published the study showing black inner city fluoridated for decades detroit in a dental disaster. Nearly 100 per cent of kids by 5 had cavities and 84% still had untreated cavities by age 14.
    a lack of good nutrition was cited as the bedrock cause. The top three food intake items daily were f-water ,soda and chips. Vegetables and fruits were almost non existance in the inner city food desert. Actual dental care also was not received by most of the kids.
    The system is broken and their solution has proven a harmful failure. The CDC data clearly has shown blacks and hispanics are double damaged in the ulgiest moderate and severe dental fluorosis by this failed policy. Their solution is to redouble their efforts for more fluoride exposure especially in cities not yet captured in this folly of ignorance and arrogance of public health.
    Any researcher who speaks against the fluoridatiobn policy risks all future research money being with held. This is about enforcement of group think and ignoring real science to protect their own backsides. Public health has become about protecting failed policy and ignoring the harm it surely causes those with no other realistic health care choices. Yet we are all treated to the claim it is for the kids. Sadly they are harmed the greatest.

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