by James Robert Deal, President, Fluoride Class Action

January 3, 2011

 This is the story of how an obscure trade association, formed in 1944 to make standards for restaurant sanitation chemicals, grew to the point where today it has agency-like authority to approve fluoridation materials and other chemicals as safe to drink.

I refer to the National Sanitation Foundation, more commonly known as “NSF”. The EPA delegated authority to NSF[1] to approve fluoridation materials[2] and other additives to drinking water. NSF says on its website:

In 1988, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) replaced its own drinking water additives program with NSF/ANSI Standards 60 and 61, which set public health standards for all chemicals used to treat water and products coming into contact with drinking water[3] ….

EPA sent in its experts to help NSF get up and running as a fluoridation approving agency. From the beginning EPA gave NSF money.  EPA still gives NSF money[4].

The EPA had no authority to approve fluoridation nor to assign authority to NSF to approve fluoridation. Today the EPA has no authority to fund or encourage NSF to approve adding a drug – in this case a toxic one – to drinking water, but it continues to do so. EPA still reviews and approves NSF standards regarding fluoridation materials[5].