266 Trillion Atoms of Lead

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266 Trillion Atoms of Lead

That’s What is in a Litre of Fluoridated Water

 By James Robert Deal J.D.
Assisted by Richard Sauerheber Ph.D.

May 2, 2013

Most water districts which fluoridate do so with fluorosilicic acid, as to Seattle and Everett. Portland leaders propose to use fluorosilicic acid. However, fluorosilicic acid is not just fluorosilicic acid. It is a mixture of at least a dozen elements and compounds. We focus on lead because it is so extremely toxic, because all agree that no lead should be added, and because fluorosilicic acid contains lead and is effective at leaching lead from pipes.

This is the short version or our analysis. Read the detailed version at www.Fluoride-Class-Action.com/What-Is-In-It, which explains where we got our information.

NSF admits that fluorosilicic acid can directly add as much as 1.1 ppb lead to drinking water. Using Avagadro’s calculations, this means that fluoridation will add up to 4.647 trillion atoms of lead per liter of water. But wait! It gets worse.

Portland already has a lead problem because so many old houses, old apartment buildings, old schools, and old business buildings have some lead in pipes, solder, and faucets. Around 10% of randomly studied Portland taps already have first draw lead readings exceeding 12 ppb lead, which calculates as 50.69 trillion atoms of lead per liter of water. Even newer brass pipes and faucets can legally contain 8% lead, and fluorosilicic acid is not the only chemical which will leach lead. Portland water comes from a very acidic or “soft” water source. Bull Run water is snow melt water, which is mostly free of typical positive ion minerals such as calcium and magnesium. For water not to leach lead from pipes, it must be very alkaline, as were Roman pipes. It was not the lead in the pipes which damaged Roman brains but the lead in the lead acetate which they used as a sweetener, and which came from lead pots and pans.

Compare the Portland reading with readings from Everett, Washington, which fluoridates with fluorosililcic acid. In Everett 10% of randomly studied Everett taps have first draw lead readings which exceed 63 ppb, which works out to around 266 trillion atoms of lead. There is no reason to believe that Portland, being an older city than Everett, will not see lead levels equal or exceed those in Everett. But it gets worse. This is what Portland can expect in the way of lead levels, and that is why I entitled this article as I did.

But wait! It get’s worse. A scandal arose in Seattle in 2004. In Seattle schools lead levels in first draw water from drinking fountains measured an astounding 1,600 ppb, around 6.759 thousand trillion atoms of lead per liter. Seattle also fluoridates with fluorosililcic acid. Portland could expect lead levels occasionally to reach such levels in old schools, apartments, and commercial buildings. 

prgrsvimghttp://ts1.mm.bing.net/th?id=H.4737813788492825&w=103&h=103&c=8&pid=3.1&qlt=90Drinking water fluoridated at 1 ppm fluoride contains the following percentages and number of atoms or molecules of the following elements and compounds as it emerges from your tap. These are the amounts added directly as dental chemicals plus amounts added to neutralize the acidic dental chemicals plus amounts leached by the acidic dental chemicals:

Element or Compound


up to this level

Number of Atoms or Molecules Per Liter of Water Where water is fluoridated with fluorosilicic acid at 1.0 ppm fluoride ion
fluoride ion

1.0 ppm

31.8 billion billion atoms
fluorosilicic acid – leaving treatment


hydrogen fluoride (in tanker) 1.5%

15,000 ppm

465 billion billion molecules at extremely low pH
hydrogen fluoride in tap water

0.02 ppm

602 billion atoms at pH 7.6 per liter
hydrogen fluoride in stomach

0.5 ppm

15.05 million billion atoms at pH 3 per liter of liquid
silicic acid in tanker truck


fluorosilicic acid has not yet broken down
silicic acid in tap water

0.6 ppm

3.763 trillion molecules of orthosilicic acid per liter of water

3.2 ppb

24.38 thousand trillion atoms of selenium per liter of water

2.6 ppb

24.68 thousand trillion atoms of copper per liter of water
lead – leaving Everett treatment plant

1.1 ppb

4.647 trillion atoms of lead per liter of water NSF admits that fluorosilicic acid can add this much lead to drinking water
lead – at 10% of Portland taps

12 ppb

50.69 trillion atoms of lead, this level or higher in 10% of random Portland taps
lead – at 10% of Everett taps

63 ppb

266 trillion atoms of lead this level or higher in 10% of random Everett taps
lead – in Seattle schools

1,600 ppb

6.759 thousand trillion atoms of lead per liter tested in Seattle school drinking fountains
arsenic – leaving treatment plant

1.6 ppb

12.8 trillion atoms of arsenic per liter
beryllium – leaving treatment plant

.6 ppb

39.72 trillion atoms of beryllium per lite

.3 ppb

1.325 trillion atoms of barium per liter

.2 ppb

2.288 trillion atoms of chromium per liter

.12 ppb

6.44 trillion atoms of cadmium per liter

0.06 ppb

174.6 billion atoms of thallium per liter

0.04 ppb

114.4 billion atoms of mercury per liter


  1. Jim

    the data showing greater damager for blacks started with the Grand Rapids experments showing double damage for blacks in russell 1962 for the 1945 health department experment of unknowing human lab rats in Grand Rapids. The Newberg Kingston New York experment showed double dental fluorosis in the fluoridated city and actually slightly more cavities also. This study was by Kumar bacsk in 1999 and was not shared with the public that fluoridation had double damage and no benefit after decades 0f expertments. The 1999-2002 CDC studies also againede confirmed this double damage with uglier and more moderate and severe then whites. This is also true for hispanics and aganin now shared with those cities and health department conspire to damage with out benefit much less consent or risk by those they damage. Welcome to government and public health where failed policy is protected while damaging those it is claimed to exist for for their benefit. The big lie lives and grows to cover up massive failuires of fluoridation policy. Sadly dentists get richer off the huge increases in cosmetic damage fluoridation causes. They remain silent on this proven damage they full well know exists by seem to deny so often when repeating ADA talking points like faithful zombies of dental dogma.

  2. Jim

    Thank you again for a new look at the toxic lead issue caused by fluoridation. Ormond Beach gave a firm commitment to actually do a analysis of contaminates before using a new batch of siliofluorides. They also had said they would get a statement from the supplier of the safety and benefit of the product by the entire commission signing a request for information. Commissioner Troy Kent did not get a response of safety and benefit from a single of the 47 he sent the request letter to. Mayor Kelly said surely they would get a response if the entire commission signed the request. Then weeks later after a change of heart said of course they would not get a response so would not even ask. So the firm commitment to do a detailed analysis of contaminates seems to be forgottened for the time being.
    The news that Austin is beginning the process of documenting dental fluorosis damage from fluoridated Austin children is a good sign. They also said their goal is cash damage awards for this fluoride toxicity damage caused by fluoridation.

    Portland also had the local NAACP branch come out against fluoridation for Portland and instead put that money toward actual dental care for the poor. The far greater damage for the poor from fluoride toxicity is just impossible to ignore but somehow it is by Public health and fluoridating cities. Many studies for decades have proven double damage and much greater degrees of moderate and severe damage with actual uglier and structural damage caused. The data documents it but public statements by our health professionals deny it exists over and over again and even publicly say dental fluorosis is beautiful or almost impossible to detect except a skilled dentist. This is a total lie on many levels but the foundation of the defense of fluoridation. Surely city councils should be able to detect this fraud especially when they have 3 attorneys of 5 members.


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