$3 M Per Year For San Diego Fluoride

by | Feb 9, 2014 | Dr. Sauerheber | 0 comments

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                                                             Dr. Richard Sauerheber

                                                      Palomar College,San Marcos, CA
San Marcos, CA

Dear President Kightlinger and the Metropolitan Water District Board, Los Angeles, CA

I see that fourteen San Diego County Mayors have complained in writing about MWD water rates and accused MWD of hoarding excess funds unnecessarily (U-T San Diego Feb. 8, 2014). I cannot comment on MWD necessary costs and charges, but as discussed many times before, that portion of the rate increases that are due to fluorosilicic acid discharges are entirely unnecessary and must be eliminated.  Swallowing fluoride ion does not affect dental caries. The CA AB733 “fluoride” bill does not mention use of fluorosilicic acid and also pre-supposes that eating fluoride affects dental caries, which  has been thoroughly disproven repeatedly in published studies (Jour. Env. Pub. Health 2013 available free at: http://dx.doi.org/10.1155/2013/439490 ).  AB733 also prohibits charging ratepayers or taxpayers, including through customers’ water bills and moneys from funding agencies such as First Five which collects public tax money (on tobacco). Clearly, since water rates are being raised again, there are obviously no funds available to continue the discharge of fluorosilicic acid into public water supplies.

As stated before, these discharges violate Federal water and drug laws anyway.  The CA Dept. of Public Health officials who encourage (but cannot require) these infusions have no connection with the EPA and FDA or understand the Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, and Food Drug and Cosmetic Act. These contain multiple Statutes that prevent the intentional discharge of any EPA regulated water contaminant at any concentration, regardless of argued ‘benefit.’

Please eliminate these infusions and save MWD about 3 million dollars annually for the hazardous waste materials that are being used and labeled as “fluoride.” Our own Councilwoman Donna Frye as you know investigated the billing structure at MWD and found that ‘fluoridation’ charges in part were added to customer water bills.  In 2005 (coincidentally before ‘fluoridation’ began), MWD charged $443 per acre foot. Now in 2014 the rate has been increased more than two fold to $890, so please help.

Thank you again,

Richard Sauerheber, Ph.D. Chemistry

cc:  Mike Gardner, Union Tribune, San Diego


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