Action Letter – Saving Orcas By Saving Salmon – from James Robert Deal – January 15, 2019

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Action Letter – Saving Orcas By Saving Salmon – from James Robert Deal – January 15, 2019

I support letter writing regarding our dying orcas. However, those letters must reference all the factors which are killing salmon.

Two factors have been totally overlooked because they are protected by big lobbyists:

First is the fact that Roundup kills salmon.

Roundup kills a certain bacteria in the stomachs of salmon that is necessary for digestion. Roundup does the same thing to humans. Anything made of soy, sugar, or wheat that is not organic is Roundup poisoned. The World Health Organization has declared Roundup to be a carcinogen. Roundup is sprayed on wheat to kill it, so the entire crop is ready for harvest before the rains start. Roundup is a weed killer. There are now robots that can chop up weeds. Roundup is obsolete. Washington should ban roundup and become an organic state.

Golf courses are toxic zones. Each is plastered with insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides. Labels on the poisons say “kills fish.” There are popular and profitable organic golf courses.

Second, there is another toxin which should be banned. It is one of our most sacred cows. Fluoride is present a high levels in discharge water from treatment plants. The fluoride added plus fluoride toothpaste spit that goes down the drain raises discharge concentration up into the 1.0 ppm range. Even smaller levels of fluoride repel and kill salmon. The Snohomish River has had salmon crashes. The Snohomish River has four sewer districts discharging fluoridated water into the river – Monroe, Snohomish, Everett, and Marysville. Salmon must run four gauntlets.

Salmon expel and resist absorption of salts while they are out in the oceans. But when salmon return to fresh water they convert to absorbing and retaining salt. One of those salts is fluoride, which is concentrated enough in water treatment effluent that salmon are turned back and killed.

Fluoridation is of little benefit to teeth and slowly poisons those who drink fluoridated water. Likewise, fluoride toothpaste and fluoride in the dental office are profitable frauds.

The fluoride used to fluoridate our water is toxic waste grade and contains lead and arsenic. It and adds around 3.0 trillion atoms of lead to each liter of fluoridated water. It adds around 2.0 trillion atoms of arsenic to each liter. It is filth.

Fluoride also leaches lead from plumbing. It is possible to completely eliminate lead leaching.

We should enact laws in Washington to ban Roundup and fluoridation and make ours an organic state.


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Subject: Southern Orcas will die unless we cat: action list

Reposted from Quincy Rhodes:

Here are 6 steps to save our Southern Resident Orcas. And, 7. write a letter to the editor providing these steps.

If we all work together vigilantly Now, we can save these beautiful Orcas from extinction.
Let’s all take these steps, let’s make the calls, let’s write the letters,

Stop buying & consuming salmon and share this information with everyone we know and love.
You Make A Difference!

Save the Southern Resident Orcas!
1. Call and write to Governor Jay Inslee and ask him to “please breach the lower four snake river dams immediately in 2018 because our southern resident orcas are starving to death.
Extinction is Forever !” Governor Jay Inslee
☎️(360) 902-4111
416 14th Avenue SW
Olympia, Wa.

  1. Call the US Army Corps of Engineers and ask them to “please supplement the 2002 Environmental Impact Statement immediately using Alternative #4 and breach the lower four snake river dams immediately “

Us Army Corps of Engineers ☎️(202) 761-0000

  1. Sign the petitions on our website to temporarily halt all salmon fishing in the Washington.
    Please sign the petition to breach the lower four snake river dams.
    Please sign the petition to Stop the Kinder Morgan Pipeline.
  2. Stop buying, ordering or eating all Salmon in solidarity with the starving Orcas. They are literally starving to death due to a lack of salmon. Every salmon you eat you take a salmon out of a starving orcas mouth.
  3. Call and write to Kelly Susewind (director of Wildlife & fisheries) and ask him to please temporary Halt all Salmon fishing in Washington because The Southern Resident Orcas are starving to death.
    Kelly Susewind
    Director of wildlife and fisheries ☎️(360) 902-2200
    Address: P.O. Box 43200
    Olympia, Washington
  4. Call Senator Maria Cantwell
    Call Senator Patty Murray and ask them to please breach the lower four snake river dams immediately to save the starving Southern Resident Orcas.
    Senator Maria Cantwell

Senator Patty Murray
☎️(425)259-6515 .


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