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Read about the legal theory of the coming Fluoride Class Action case:

And here:  

Lawsuits have been filed regarding the lead, arsenic, and silicofluoride added to drinking water:

Three plaintiffs have filed suit against the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.The suit was filed in federal court.

Read about Port Angeles litigation here. The Port Angeles case was lost 5-4 in the Washington Supreme Court, probably because it failed to allege and prove that fluoridation was harmful. Two previous Washington suits also failed 5-4, probably for the same reason. Harm must be alleged in any fluoridation lawsuit.

Read Jeff Green’s article in the Bolen Report regarding the suit.

Read the complaint in Foli vs. Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

Read the Water District’s Motion to Dismiss the case.

Read the plaintiffs’ devastating Reply to the Water District’s Motion to Dismiss.

On April 10, 2012, the Court dismissed the case, agreeing with the Water District that the FDA Act did not create a private cause of action.

Attorney Nidel

A Maryland woman has filed suit against Nestle and Gerber. As a child her mother gave her mostly Gerber baby water to drink and mixed formula using Gerber Baby Water. Said water contained around .8 ppm sodium fluoride, around the same fluoride level as in current tap water.

Read the complaint here.

See the Plaintiff’s s teeth here.