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After sponsoring a bill that mandates fluoridation of public water supplies (Senate Bill 359/Act 197 of 2011, Regular Session), Arkansas Senator David Johnson (D) receives $7,500 in campaign donations over two months from dentists:


10/13/11 – Arkansas Dental Political Action Committee, $1,000


11/17/11 – Arkansas Dental PAC, $500


11/23/11 – DBH Management Consultants (represents Delta Dental of Arkansas), $2,000


12/30/11 – Scott Bolding (dentist and investor), $2,000


12/30/11 – Oral & Facial Surgery Center, $2,000


Source: Arkansas Secretary of State


Senator Johnson’s profile page


Is there money to be made from fluoridation?


A study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association suggests that dentists in fluoridated areas earned larger gross and net incomes.


See 41-3: “Impact of Water Fluoridation on Dental Practice and Dental Manpower” from the Journal of the American Dental Association, Vol. 84, Feb. 1972, pp. 355-367


“Dentists in fluoride-deficient communities appear to be busier in their practices than dentists in fluoridated communities, who feel less overworked and spend more time on each patient. Dentists in fluoridated communities earned larger gross and net incomes in 1965, even with degree of specialization, effort, etc., held constant. The differential persisted, even though it was reduced in a 1967 income survey. Fluoridation appears to extend the existing pool of dental manpower to cover a substantially larger population – Copyright 1973, Biological Abstracts, Inc.


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