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AWWA – American Water Works Association – uses this language in its standard for fluorosilicic acid, known as AWWA 703-06:
4.3. 1 General. The fluorosilicic acid supplied according to this standard shall contain no mineral or organic substances in quantities capable of producing deleterious or injurious effects on the health of those consuming water that has been properly treated with fluorosilicic acid.
The mayor of Selmer, Tennessee asked fluoride suppliers to provide evidence that their fluorosilicic acid complies with AWWA 703 in this document:
AWWA B703 says that HF content shall not exceed 1%
Wash regulations require that fluoride conform to NSF 60.
However, Washington regulations say nothing about AWWA B703.

Everett fluoride contains twice the HF allowed under AWWA B703, although Washington law does not require Everett to use fluoride which complies with AWWA B703.

In the Selmer case, the mayor asked the fluoride suppliers to provide evidence of no “deleterious or injurious effects on the health”.
The mayor sent his inquiry to all of the 49 suppliers of fluorosilicic acid. Not one of them replied with any documentation at all.
A fluoride supplier should logically provide evidence of no “deleterious or injurious effects on the health”, but there does not appear to be a law or regulation requiring Simplot to provide such evidence in Washington.
Does the EPA require that drinking water additives comply with AWWA B703? As far as I know, no. Which states require such compliance? Anyone who has a list of the states that require compliance with AWWA B703, please send it to me.

This is what the AWWA has to say about fluoridation in two superficial and inaccurate web pages:

What is the link between NSF 60 and AWWA B703? According to NSF, AWWA was part of the consortium which developed NSF 60.
This standard was developed by an NSF-led consortium, including the American Water Works Association (AWWA), the American Water Works Association Research Foundation (AWWARF), the Association of State Drinking Water Administrators (ASDWA), and the Conference of State Health and Environmental Managers (COSHEM). This group developed NSF/ANSI Standard 60, at the request of the US EPA Office of Water, in 1988.
I continue to research the relationship between NSF 60 and AWWA B703.