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John Troy Baker responds to JR Deal’s article in the Beacon at by saying:

“This article is written by a lawyer. What more can I say?” Response: Even a dumb lawyer is smart enough to ask why we are adding fluoride ion, hydrogen fluoride, orthosilicic acid, lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, chromium, copper, thallium – which emits radiation, selenium, and barium to our drinking water. Baker might say “oh it is only a small amount of lead, a small amount of arsenic, etc.” Where is the proof that the amounts of these poisons added is safely low?

Baker says that dental fluorosis in children is not caused by the fluoride added as a part of fluoridation but by naturally occurring fluoride. This is incorrect. Spada Lake snow melt water is virtually free of naturally occurring calcium fluoride and extremely low in mineral content. Fluorosis is caused by fluoride ingested from all sources –fluoridation chemicals, toothpaste, dental treatments, sulfuryl fluoride sprayed on grapes, and beverages and foods made with fluoridated water. But the biggest intake comes from fluoridated drinking water.

Calcium fluoride is naturally occurring, and the Lynnwood well on 164th, downhill to the west of I-5, contains around .13 ppm calcium fluoride. Calcium fluoride at this low level is relatively harmless because, first, it comes bound to calcium, and fluoride ion generally prefers to stay bound to calcium, and second, because well water is very high in calcium, magnesium, and other minerals, all of which bind with fluoride ion.

Baker says that aluminum does not cause Alzheimer’s disease. I do not say that aluminum is the sole cause of Alzheimer’s. I say that that at low pH in the stomach, fluoride ions (negative) will bind with aluminum ions (positive) and create a neutral molecule which penetrates the fatty lipid layer of the stomach and enter the blood stream and the brain. Aluminum complexes are found in the brains of those with Alzheimer’s disease, and it cannot be advantageous to invite more aluminum, into your brain. The fact that aluminum is common is correct, however, very little aluminum will normally pass from stomach to bloodstream and from bloodstream to brain without binding to fluoride ion. Aluminum is not naturally occurring in our water. We add aluminum to neutralize the negative charge on dirt molecules so that they will coagulate and can be filtered out. We should either stop using aluminum as a floculant or stop adding fluosilicic acid to our water.


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