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Read Dr. Bruce Spittle’s book here.

Double-blind clinical studies and numerous case studies demonstrate that from one to five percent of the population, are hypersensitive to fluoride to varying degrees, and these people can experience incapacitating symptoms that can drive them to move away from cities with fluoridated water.

Dr. Bruce Spittle, M.D., Fluoride Poisoning: Is fluoride in your drinking water—and from other sources—making you sick? 2008, ISBN 978-0-473-12991-0, which can be downloaded from

The Washington Supreme Court stated in 1954 that if city water is fluoridated, it will be necessary for residents “to use it for domestic purposes including drinking, because there is no other practical source of supply.” Kaul v Chehalis, 45 Wn.2d 616, 277 P.2d 352 (1954) at 618. Some people cannot afford a distiller or a whole house filter. Some are not strong enough to haul water jugs home. Some do not own a vehicle. Some cannot afford to buy water.