Corporations “Buy” Universities

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October 30, 2012

The chemical and fertilizer companies make large donations to medical and dental schools, thus getting their friends in influential positions so that fluoridation becomes university policy.

If you doubt this, consider how Monsanto buys influence favoring GMO from the University of California at Davis.

See Dr. Mercola’s article on this subject.

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  1. gary oraniuk

    What you are saying is nothing new. Walter Burien discovered years ago that “collective government” – local, state and federal, in the US, has become the biggest shareholder/owner of the major US corporations, thus enacting Communism by stealth. THIS HAS ALL BEEN P0ERPETRATED USING RATE, AND TAXPAYERS’ FUNDS, WITH NO RETURN TO THE TAXPAYER. His video, “The Biggest Game in Town” can be seen here:


  1. Portland | FLUORIDE, LEAD, ARSENIC, AND MORE IN OUR WATER - [...] who ignore science prove nothing. Endorsements are part of the manipulation program carried out by chemical companies and those…

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