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To Fluoridationists from James Robert Deal:

You ask where I get my water. I haul well water and I distill it. There is a chlorine filter on my shower. I take reasonable steps to protect myself.

But I am not the most vulnerable. The embryo and fetus are the most vulnerable. Their cells are rapidly dividing. Fluoride ion, lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium – all of these interfere with DNA replication and protein construction.

The numbers of atoms of these poisons in a liter of fluoridated tap water is in the trillions. There are can be up to 13 trillion atoms of arsenic per liter of tap water fluoridated at 1.0 ppm floride ion. There can be up to 4 trillion atoms of lead in a liter of water fluoridated at 1.0 ppm fluoride ion.

But you seem to be certain these trillions of atoms of toxins are harmless. How can you be certain if you have not done the experiments? In 2006 the NRC told EPA to go do more studies because the 4 ppm and 2 ppm levels were not protective of health. But you fluoridationists never did the studies, neither EPA nor CDC. You did not do the studies because you did not want to know what the studies would prove.

You admit that around 10% of our kids are getting noticeable and embarrassing degree of fluorosis, but you do not care.

You have read the solid experiments, done by supporters of fluoridation, which show consistently that around 1% of the population is allergic or hypersensitive to fluoride, but you do not care.

Your own ADA and CDC post articles which admit that any benefit from fluoride is “primarily topical” but you do not care.

You have read Bill’s explanations regarding the new non-fluoridated toothpastes which remineralize teeth better than fluoridated toothpaste – with the real ingredients that teeth are made of – calcium and phosphorus.

Your hero Featherstone writes in the ADA journal that chlorhexidine is used successfully in Europe and is effective at killing the bacteria that cause caries and gum problems. But you don’t care.

But you insist on using fluoride. There are other ways to kill bacteria than with dangerous chemicals. But you fluoridationists don’t care. You just love your fluoride.

You fluoridationists are immune to logic. You have been suckered into believing a big lie.

The main draw for the fluoridation lie is that otherwise respectable authorities – all in white coats – endorse fluoridation and so too do government agencies. And you trust your respectable authorities and your government agencies uncritically and completely. Even though our government agencies have been taken over in part by the industries they regulate.

Whenever we explain that the same chemical companies which make the fluorosilicic acid can sit on the NSF board which declares it safe and that these companies donate generously to dental and medical collages and strive mightily to get their people in positions of power in FDA, EPA, and CDC, you dismiss all such talk as conspiracy theories.

You are trapped in the fluoride maze, and you have a quick or clever lie blocking each exit.

You are trapped just like Scientologists in a religious maze. It makes no sense, but you believe it by faith in the people and agencies you respect. You can’t imagine that they might be wrong.

You are like Bible quoting fundamentalist snake handlers. See, we can safely handle the fluoride snake, and it does not hurt us. We have not fallen down dead. So everyone can do the same, including fetuses, infants, those with thyroid and kidney disease, those with diabetes who drink ten liters of water a day.

You admit that some people should not drink fluoridated water, but it is it is their duty to find an alternate source of water. In effect, it is your position that drinking water need not be safe for all. Treated water is so good for the majority that the minority who are harmed by it are acceptable collateral damage.

You are willing to write off a large chunk of the population for the greater good as you perceive it.

You don’t care because you have lost your ability to think critically.

I have explained to you how the fluoridationsts hired Edward Bernays to sell fluoridation the way he had sold cigarettes to women. His method was to recruit doctors and dentists and pay them to endorse smoking as good for digestion and then put their endorsement in magazines. Likewise, he recruited doctors and dentists to endorse fluoridation.

You guys are suckers enough to believe the salesmanship of NSF, CDC, EPA, and the phosphate fertilizer industry.

You are twisted. You are unquestioning. Unthinking and uncritical. Sheeple you are.

You fluoridationists are trapped in a fluoride religion maze are having trouble finding your way out.

I wish you luck.

James Robert Deal


  1. Ron Eheman


    As from today, water fluoridation must be prohibited in all Member States of the EC

    Doug Cross
    20th January 2014
    The last legal loophole that could be claimed to allow the continued imposition of water fluoridation in the European Community finally slammed shut today. Until today, the only remaining excuse that the rogue British and Irish governments could put up to justify their policy of illegal mass medication was that this product is not a medicine but a food – and the EC allows the addition of fluoride to food as (believe it or not) a ‘mineral’, so there!

    No matter that this really is an unlicensed – and therefore illegal – medicinal product, or that these idiots claim that food law only applies after the water leaves the tap! (So what is it before, then?) From today it’s no longer permissible to put any ingredient into any food unless it’s on the definitive list of permitted source materials – and fluorosilicic acid is not o that list!

    And it’s not just a problem for the water providers, who have been forced to produce this controversial and deeply unpopular product by the Health Police. It’s now illegal to market any food within the EC unless it’s produced entirely in line with the legislation on ‘minerals’ – and that applies to imports even from outside the EC as well.

    No matter that English and Irish fluoridation laws say they can – and even must – contaminate our drinking water with this toxic non-nutrient. Unlike the Directives, all EC Regulations MUST be enforced immediately, in every Member State. So now, if another State decides that it does not want our contaminated food products, they can refuse to allow them across their borders, and the EC can’t stop them.

    And there’s plenty too to make the British Water Companies start asking questions about what their own position is, now that the final legal loophole has finally closed. But it doesn’t just start and finish in our own backyard. This final shut-down poses a real threat to any of our Aussie, Kiwi, American and other friends who are exporting their own food products – many made with, or containing, fluoridated water – to any State within the EC.
    If the lunatics in the British and Irish Parliaments can’t be bothered with all that science and health nonsense, and refuse to abandon their irrational obsession with fluoride, then perhaps some of the more commercially savvy lobbyists will be able to persuade them that the time really has come to enter the real world, if only to protect our own food industry from sanctions within the EC.

    Yes, I know you don’t believe this – after all, I’ve been nagging on about the legal objections to fluoridation for years! But just take a little time out to read what’s just happened, and then go out and get your lawyers in gear. This really does spell the end of the road for water fluoridation within the European Community.

    I’ve put together enough evidence for you to get your local Trading Standards Officers and lawyers to cast their beedy eys on this charade and force the stuff off the market and out of our homes. If we can start the ball rolling now, then that will at last force the equally culpable European Commission to respect the legislation that its own Parliament has put in place.

    We’ve got the power to give real teeth to Robert Pocock’s long-delayed petition before the EC Petitions Committee, so let’s use it as the vehicle to force this final challenge before the European Parliament. Send this around to Councils, MEPs and other influential politicians who are sympathetic to the cause, and let’s see what we can do to finish this exhausted war, right now.

    For the full story (references and all!)


  2. Gerald Marsch

    My latest theory relating to fluoride poisoning is that fluoride eats up a persons vitamin D.

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