Deal to Everett 7-3-12

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PO Box 2276, Lynnwood, Washington  98036-2276
Telephone 425-771-1110, Fax 425-776-8081


July 3, 2012


Ron Gipson, Everett City Council President
Paul Roberts, Council Member
Jeff Moore, Council Member
Arlan Hatloe, Council Member
Brenda Stonecipher, Council Member
Shannon Affholter
Ray Stephanson, Mayor
Jim Iles, City Attorney
Ramsey Rammerman, Assistant City Attorney
Sent by email to:;;;;;;;;;;;

Dr. Gary Goldbaum, Director
Shannon Affholter, Councilman, Everett
Adrienne Fraley-Monillas, Councilwoman, Edmonds
Dave Gossett, County Councilman
Linda Grafer, Councilwoman, Mukilteo
John Koster, County Councilman
Mark Lamb, Mayor, Bothell, Chair
Dave Somers, County Councilman, Chair
Dianne White, Mayor, Stanwood
Donna Wright, Councilwoman, Marysville
Stephanie Wright, County Councilwoman

Sent by fax to 425-339-8707, 425-339-5263
Sent by email to
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Dear Civil Servants:

It is the role of Fluoride Class Action to disseminate accurate information regarding so-called fluoridation and to give free advice to City Councils and other governmental bodies regarding the law relating to so-called fluoridation and what the governmental body should do to avoid being subject to claim for liability.

Several speakers have indicated to the City Council that they have thyroid problems. Fluoride inhibits thyroid activity, and for that reason these speakers have asked that so-called fluoridation be terminated because. Dr. Barry Durrant-Peatfield explains how fluoridation impairs thyroid activity. See the attached summary of the scientific literature on fluoride and its effect on the thyroid.

So far the city of Everett is ignoring these people, treating them as if they are malingering, and as if the harm to them is acceptable collateral damage.

New Hampshire has passed a new law requiring that fluoride warnings be delivered as part of annually advising parents as follows:

Your public water supply is fluoridated. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, if your child under the age of 6 months is exclusively consuming infant formula reconstituted with fluoridated water, there may be an increased chance of dental fluorosis. Consult your child’s health care provider for more information.

Everett should do the same. Federal law mandates that water districts give lead notices. A water district, as

owner or operator of a public water system … shall identify and provide notice to persons that may be affected by lead contamination of their drinking water where such contamination results from … lead content in the construction materials of the public water distribution system [or] corrosivity of the water supply sufficient to cause leaching of lead. … Notice under this paragraph shall be provided notwithstanding the absence of a violation of any national drinking water standard.—g006-.html

Everett does not give lead notice and is violating this law.

Eureka Springs in Boone County Arkansas is still asking suppliers of so-called fluoride for the toxicological studies they presented when they obtained NSF 60 certification. None of the 49 suppliers of so-called fluoride have responded with any information.

Washington law allows so-called fluoridation only with materials with “comply” with NSF 60.

NSF 60 requires a score of toxicological studies be done. See page A5 of the NSF manual.

NSF admits that the toxicological studies are not being done or obtained.

(See transcript of California deposition (, pages 22, 67).

Dr. Arvid Carlsson, Nobel Laureate, holds that the effect of fluoride on teeth is topical only. See:

We sent a letter to Simplot, the vendor of the so-called fluoride which Everett uses to pollute its otherwise pristine waters.  Simplot’s so-called fluoride is NSF 60 approved. For Simplot to win the NSF 60 mark of approval, it had to deliver toxicological studies to NSF proving the safety of the so-called fluoridation materials. I asked Simplot to deliver copies of said toxicological studies to us. Simplot did not respond to my request.

The Simplot letter can be found at.

On May 9, 2012, I asked the Everett City Council and the City Attorney to contact Simplot. See:

Thus far, Everett and the City Attorney have not to the best of my knowledge made demand to Simplot.

It is incumbent upon Everett to contact Simplot and demand that Simplot respond to said request. If Everett fails to do this, it would indicate that Everett prefers to be ignorant on the subject. Preferring to be ignorant after alerts have been raised would constitute recklessness and could  subject Everett to liability and could subject the members of the City Council to individual liability.

Dr. Mark Goldbaum says that so-called fluoridation is safe and effective, but he offers no evidence whatsoever other than endorsements. Endorsements prove nothing.

The Everett City Attorney says that so-called fluoridation using fluorosilicic acid is legal, however, he has not responded in writing or with any detail to my letter dated dated June 6, 2012.

So far the Everett City Council, the Snohomish Health District, and the Everett City Attorney have been duped, suckered, defrauded, swindled, and conned.

Everett has chosen to believe those who have no evidence and to disbelieve those who have evidence. We have to wonder why they prefer to believe a lie. Everett is trapped in a maze and thus far seems to be unable to find the exit.

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James Robert Deal, Attorney
WSBA # 8103


  1. jim

    I think the gag rule in 1986 by the ADA and dental boards shows that dentists were conditioned to be silent and not protect patients or even give then the knowledge to be aware any risk existed. To not even be aware they were injecting mercury next to their brains to off gas for life. With often 6 times more mercury exposure from that then any fish they might eat. Yet the government warns about fish but never mercury in fillings except in California after they passed their law. Dentists are the biggest polluter of the most deadly heavy metal in our waste water. Then it is burnt, buried or most often in Florida put on food crops with ZERO notice to the public. Florida even imports toxic waste from New York to spread on our crops. Cities have tried to back out but were litigated and forced to keep polluting their soil and water . Daytona Beach even refused to tell me where their toxic solids are sent. They just said a licensed hauler. San Francisco got every dentist to install amalgam separators by making it cheaper to do that then follow the regulations and fines. Their ppm dropped from 4ppm mercury to 1ppm right away. Big improvement over night.

  2. jim

    Poughkeepsie NY had their water Board look at fluoridation. They put out requests to chemical suppliers and not a single one would provide toxicology reports much less proof of benefit or safety of so called fluoridation products. Upon the advise of Attorney Frank Mora the commission ended fluoridation. I talked briefly to frank back then as he was head of the water board and willing to talk.
    Selmer Tn had Mayor David Robinson ask the same questions and ask specific list of 33 questions to the state health department. Also there was a additional list of black concerns from the community. The State gave a generic response with no specific answers. They then refused to respond further with actual answers even after the Governor was asked to force this issue. The other commission members had no problem with forcing fluoridation with no proof of safety nor benefit so the Mayor did a moratorium until such time at least some proof of safety with data to back it up.
    In Austrailia the new female Prime Minister made a personal promise of safety of fluoridation. When massive over feeds happened she did not keep that promise on that either. I do not remember her name of hand. I just wing this stuff from memory.
    I am looking for a few simple issues to present all of the local cities with on fluoridation. I need to narrow it down with something that rings true to at least some of them. With elections I am asking if they would worn parents of risk to infants of fluoridated water like Ormond Beach Dentist Mayor did on his own in 2006 with out asking the commission for permission. He just did it as a directive when the nov 9 2006 ADA secret egram was put in his hand by me. His first public response was to say it was a lie and not true. The next meeting after he actually read the Egram he meet me at the commission door and told me I had been correct. At public comments that nite I asked for the warning to be made and he agreed with out consulting the full commission. No vote -it just happened because he said so. What all the others say is impossible to do with out a vote which they even refuse to discuss as a commission as no second is to be had. Government is non action by design too often.


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