King 5 TV in Seattle reported on Delta Dental, for paying high salaries to administrators but low compensation to dentists.

There is more to this story because Delta Dental funds construction of fluoridation facilities. California and Arkansas, for example, have manditory fluoridation laws which require water districts serving more than a certain number of users to initiate fluoridation, provided that the districts can raise the start-up money from other sources. Delta Dental is the common source for such start-up costs.

Such was the case in Port Angeles, Washington, where Delta Dental paid the cost of the construction of the fluoridation facility. There was a contract that said that if Port Angeles stopped fluoridating within a certain number of years – I believe it was seven years – Port Angeles would have to repay the money.

Delta Dental is using insurance money that should go to benefit the customers who buy the insurance or paid to the dentists who provide the services for the customers.

This misuse of insurance money will be reported to the Washington Insurance Commission.