Dentists try to buy off California agency

by | Nov 16, 2011 | Pro-Fluoridation | 3 comments

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ADA Hush Money?

ADA Sends $200K to California to Stop Fluoride / Cancer Listing

Dental Truth, the newsletter of DAMS International questions if ‘fluoride and its salts” will to be added to California’s “List of Chemicals Known to the State to Cause Cancer”?  Not if the American Dental Association (ADA) can help prevent it.  The ADA has put down serious money to help supress the truth about fluoride.

California’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 requires the governor to publish this list of cancer causing chemicals each year.  The list is produced by a state agency, the Office of Enviromental Health Hazzard Assessment (OEHHA).

That agency’s determination should be based on the best science, devoid of influence by politics or money.  But now, as reported in the California Dental Association’s own news bulletin, the ADA parent organization has sent its state chapter, $200,000 to “assist in our effort to prevent the placement” of fluoride on the official list of cancer causing chemicals.  it is unclear how the ADA’s earmarked money will be used to influence the outcome of the state agency’s decision regarding fluoride’s ability to cause cancer.

The issue of fluoride and cancer has, in the past, also played out at the federal level.  The Enviromental Protection Agency has long acted to protect fluoride as a pollutant, even while its own scientists have called for better drinking water standards for fluoride and an ending to the practice of water fluoridation.  These scientists know well the science of linking water fluoridation to osteosarcoma, a deadly bone cancer that affects mainly boys.


  1. John Teagle

    It is about time the proper authorities take action against these poison peddlars. In Australia it is illegal to dump this toxic waste into waterways and the EPA will prosecute anyone who does. On the other hand the EPA maintains it has no control over water authorities dumping the same toxic waste into reticulated (drinking) water supplies. Fortunately this pathetic EPA defence is now being challenged in the Australian Courts and judges have already set a legal precedent that councils must provide EPA with Environmental Impact Studies, proving this chemical waste does not pollute the environment. So far the EPA has ignored this legal requirement and failed to enforce this law. Furthermore the Therapeuctic Goods Administration (TGA) maintains it has no control over the testing for safey and efficacy of fluoride in Australia. The Federal Health Minister has gazetted fluoride as exempt from TGA scrutiny, even though it is used in medicines as well as dental hygeine products. It is a criminal offence in Australia to contaminate public water supplies in Australia with the intention of causing harm Section 41A of the Crimes Act. Yet councils are knowingly adding industrial grade highly toxic fluoride streams to their citizens water supplies on the pretext it is good for them. There is no scientific evidence that these waste products prevent or delay tooth decay. A corrosive liquid such as Sodium Silicafluoride is hardly going to strenth tooth enamel when it can eat its way through concrete. We have had water fluoridation for 60 years in Australia and our dental hospitals are overflowing with patients because of a serious dental health crisis. The greatest medical fraud ever perpetrated by governments on its citizens.

  2. George Ward

    Some one is making a lot of money,somewhere. Some of the fluoride comes from China. They won’t use it but are happy to let goofy Americans dispose of it for them. I imagine the threat of unending litigation has them pretty scared. Most Soy and Corn that we( taxpayers ! ) subsidize goes into fast food industry. Canceling that and buying everyone a tooth brush would save tons of money. Where is the Congressman honest enough or brave enough to suggest it ? Corporate America hand picks people to run federal agencies. They don’t even try to cover up what they are doing because they believe they can continue to bilk the taxpayers forever or until entire web of crooks become room mates of Bernie Madoff ! The FDA is best example of Agency to be cleaned out first !!

  3. Kallie Miller

    What do you think the reasons for the dental support? Do they make lots of money fixing the fluorosis? Are they afraid of law suits if everyone found out how poisonous HFSA is and that it is not effective at preventing decay? Do the aluminium and phosphate fertilizer industries donate a lot of money to the dental association? After all, these corporations make money by selling the hazardous waste HFSA instead of having to pay money to dispose of it. Pretty creative–making North American citizens the toxic waste disposal units for a product that kills cattle and marine life in Tampa Bay if it is not collected in scrubbers.

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