After much resistance from fluoride opponents, the Arkansas legislature enacted mandatory fluoridation.

Fluoride opponents are now proposing a new Water Accountability Bill.

From Eureka Springs, Carroll-Boone Water District:

CBWD water operators have repeatedly requested information about contaminants in the sodium fluorosilicate they will have to order from overseas, as it is no longer available in the United States. Even though the product, used by other water districts, has an NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) stamp on it, CBWD wants a data sheet on it.

“We continue to be concerned that no supplier or manufacturer will furnish us the information required under the rules of NSF 60,” Allison wrote in a memo to the board. “… we are asking no more or less than what is submitted to NSF to get their approval. We all have an obligation as licensed operators to know what is being put in the water especially if it is a product not needed for potable water.”