Selmer, Tennessee

The mayor has sent requests for bids to fluoride suppliers, a bid which specifies that the terms of NSF 60 be followed.

Spring Hill, Tennessee

Spring Hill officials vote to remove fluoride from water


Spring Hill officials vote to remove fluoride from water

SPRING HILL, TN (WSMV) -August 15, 2011

Spring Hill is joining a small, but growing, list of cities pulling the fluoride out of citywide drinking water.

It was a unanimous decision Monday when city aldermen voted to discontinue putting fluoride in the city’s water supply. While the American Dental Association says fluoride cuts down on cavities, others say the risk outweighs the benefits.

The resolution has become a hot topic in the city of Spring Hill. Alderman Amy Wurth proposed the resolution with the reasoning that there are other sources of fluoride, like toothpaste. And some residents agreed there’s no need to fluoridate the water supply.

“I just don’t know that we have enough proof to say that it doesn’t cause people harm,” resident Jennifer Smith said. “There’s a lot of people with health problems and other things they’re sensitive to.”

Without dissent or discussion, the resolution passed unanimously.

“Citizens are becoming aware that there are substances that sometimes can be helpful, but also harmful, in their water supply, in their air and other places. And citizens become aware. I do think we will see more municipalities considering these kinds of issues,” resident Andrew Zirschky said.

Spring Hill now becomes the third city in Tennessee after Waynesboro and Lewisburg, to discontinue fluoride in its water supply.

The resolution calls for Spring Hill to discontinue using fluoride ten days after Spring Hill residents have been notified of the change.