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Dear Sammamish Plateau Water and Sewer District Commissioner,
I am a long time Klahanie resident and in the Plateau water district.
I just read that the city of Fairbanks, Alaska has decided to discontinue adding fluoride to its water supply after a task force found new health concerns after conducting a year-long independent study using the latest data.  I have attached to this email a copy of the results of the April 2011 Fairbanks Fluoride Task Force.

News Report:

As you may already know, the city of Calgary, Canada in February of this year also decided not to continue to fluoridate its drinking water after scientists changed their support of the drinking water additive.
Due to the recent concerns expressed in the Fairbanks report, including a 2006 potential link to cancer, I urge the commissioners here to revisit its 2003 decision (Resolution 3121 dated Dec 15, 2003 – not unanimous)  to introduce fluoridation to our Issaquah /Sammamish drinking water.  As I’m sure the health of our residents is your top concern, I request a hearing be held to consider this new data, not available in 2003. (Please see attached 54 page pdf file.)
    Sincerely yours,
    Gary Flanzer
cc: Jeff Flanzer, DDS (retired)
Dr AJ Dhankhar, Issaquah Valley Dental
      David Hayes, Issaquah Press

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