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Acetycholinesterase inhibitor

Action Plan – James Robert Deal presentation at Fluoride Action Network Convention

Allergic to fluoride

Consistent with the above discussion, the National Research Council Report on Fluoride in Drinking Water, A Scientific Review of EPA’s Standards, 2006, Washington, D.C., pp. 268-280 contains the following statements:

When ingested, some fluoride combines with hydrogen ion to form HF, 2.4% at pH 5, and 96% at pH 2.  HF easily crosses the gastric epithelium and is the major form in which fluoride is absorbed form the stomach. HF dissociates upon entering the interstitial fluid. The primary symptoms of fluoride induced gastrointestinal injury are nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain, and have been reported in human case studies by Waldbott (1956) and Petraborg (1977) and in a clinical study involving double blind tests on subjects drinking water fluoridated at 1 ppm (Grimbergen, 1974).  Symptoms were reported in 1% of subjects for either sodium fluoride or sodium silicofluoride water at 1 ppm fluoride. Although less than 1% of a population complains of GI symptoms after water fluoridation, the absence of symptoms in some may be related to hardness of the water. Chronic ingestion of fluoride water [lacking calcium] on an empty stomach is more likely to elicit symptoms.

Alternative Medical Therapies

Aluminum – fluoride and aluminum complexes  NRC 2006 on aluminum and fluoride

American Dental Association – Rebuttal of ADA Position

American Dental Association – originally opposed preparing infant formula using fluoridated drinking water.

American Water Works Association, AWWA – Definition of fluorosilicic acid  More information about the AWWA

Anthrax vaccination – the storythe suit

Anticholinesterase Inhibitor

Arsenic – Fluoride Action Network summary  Consumer Reports on arsenic in fruit juice

Arsenic – California proposed public health goal for arsenic in 2003 was 4 ppt, that’s parts per trillion or .004 ppb.

Arsenic – California final public health goal for arsenic – set in 2004 – 4 ppt.

“… there is no evidence from methylation patterns [elemental arsenic converting into organic arsenic] that would support a threshold below which there would be no cancer risks.” p. 128.

Arthritisfluoride mimics symptoms of rheumetoid arthritis

Attorneys – Osteosarcoma Attorneys

Attorney-Client privilege

“Scientific information does not become privileged merely because it is incorporated into a communication between an attorney and client. Upjohn Co. v. United States, 449 U.S. 383, 395-96 (1981)”

Baking Soda – 
Benefits of Brushing Your Teeth with Baking Soda

Bibliography – Second Choice

Blacks – Coalition of African American Pastors – Memphis  –  Blacks, Hispanics impacted more seriously

Dr. Russel Blaylock – on Fluoridation, Vaccination, Eugenics

Dr. Russell Blaylock: Fluoride’s Deadly Secret 1/5  Part 1/5   Part 2/5  Part 3/5   Part 4/5   Part 5/5

Board of Health – Original Rulemaking ProposalAppeal to Governor Gregoire

Bone fractures

Bottled Water – Fluoridated Brands

Brain – Infants




Chris Bryson & Joel Griffiths, Fluoride, Teeth, and the Atomic Bomb

Calcium Fluoride – MSDS

Calcium lotions – hydrogen fluoride antidotes – Attard’s calcium gluconate gel

California fluoridation program.    California fluoridation levels, cities which fluoridate.

Cancer and Fluoride
Dr John Yiamouyiannis
Dr. Dean Burk
South Asian Journal of Cancer
Bassin – Osteosarcoma Study
International Agency for Research on Cancer

Caries – Wikipedia on dental caries. Evidence that fluoridation does not reduce caries.

Caries –Fluoride does not reduce caries, does delay tooth eruption.  NYSCOF – When fluoridation stops, caries drop

Caries – Declan Waugh, Tooth Decay Declined in Europe After Termination of Fluoridation

CDC does not regulate fluoride content or set safe level

Censorship – Manhattan Project covered up effect of fluoride

Chemical distributors – 100 largest in the world

Chloramine – Concerned Citizens Against Chloramine

Class Action News

Code of Federal Regulations – CFR

Costa Rica – salt fluoridation

Cost of fluoridation – $.25 per person per year for 1.3 million people = $325,000 = $25,000 per 100,000 people

Costs not lower in fluoridated areas

Countries which fluoridate

Cow Milk – fluoride levels

Crime – Chemicals and Crime: A Truly Toxic Event

Crime – Water Fluoridation and Crime in America

Cryolite – applied to vegetables and fruit

Delaney Clause – prohibited FDA approval of food additives which cause cancer

DSHEA – Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act

Down Syndrome and fluoridation

Drug – FDA definition of a drug

Drug – FDA says fluoride is a drug subject to FDA regulation, although fluoride in water is regulated by EPA (although the EPA has disclaimed its regulatory authority over fluoridation and assigned it to NSF.

Drug – Washington definition of a drug  FDA definition of a drug

Eggs – dried eggs, up to 900 ppm fluoride, should drop given that sulfuryl fluoride is being phased out

Environment – Evidence of Environmental Harm. Petition to Auditor General of Canada. See summary. See full document.

EPA – does not regulate fluoridation materials, no agency does, EPA 1998 letter to Glasser

EPA scientists’ union opposes water fluoridation – Hirzy’s testimony to Congress in 2000  EPA Statement Opposing  Fluoridation

EPA Union battle with Reagan appointed administrators who wanted to subvert the mission of the EPA and frustration action regarding fluoride.

EPA and NRDC suit against EPA administrators.

EPA whistleblower William Sanjour

EPA – Why it is like it is – William Sanjour

Eureka Springs, Arkansas – asked 49 silico-fluoride suppliers for information about the content of their fluoridation materials. Not one supplier replied. And now suppliers are refusing to sell fluoride to Eureka Springs.

Europe – Eleven countries in mostly non-fluoridated continental Europe have lower carries rates than the US. Caries declined in Europe following cessation of fluoridation.

Everett – Sewage Lagoon Map    2011 Water Quality Report

FDA – Adverse Event Reporting Program  Report your reaction for fluoride to the FDA

FDA – 1963 letter ruling: “fluoride has not been determined essential for human nutrition” and “a minimum daily   requirement for sodium fluoride has not been established” and “it would be impossible to state a safe amount for supplementation by an individual without knowledge of the amount of fluorides already being consumed  …”.

Featherstone, John, The Science and Practice of Caries Prevention, Journal of American Dental Association, Vol 131, July 2000 p. 887

Federal Register  Old Lookup

Fertilizer, How Fertilizer is Made

Fetus – The FDA banned prenatal supplements containing fluorideFetuses are sensitive to fluoride. Fluoride and lead penetrate the placental barrier and lower IQ.

Fetus – Mullinex – brain damage to rat fetuses

Fish – repelled by fluoridation at only .25 ppm, Columbia River, Washington, Frasier River, Kamloops, British Columbia

Fish – Foulkes & Anderson, Impact of Artificial Fluoridation on Salmon Species in the Northwest USA and British Columbia, Canada, Fluoride, Vol 27, No 4, 220-226 (1994.)

Fluoride – ATSDR – Toxicological Profile for Fluorides, Hydrogen Fluoride, and Fluorine

Fluoride level – NRC – When fluoride ion is at 1 ppm, blood fluoride level is .2 ppm, and saliva fluoride level is .02 ppm.

Fluoride – developmental neurotoxicant

Fluoridation materials – Lucier Chemical Industries, Ltd located in Jacksonville Beach, FL are suppliers of fluoridation chemicals including Fluorosilicic Acid, Sodium Fluorosilicate, Potassium Silicofluoride, Ammonium Fluorosilicate, Magnesium Fluorosilicate, Sodium Fluoride and Fluorozirconic Acid.

Fluorosilicic acid – AWWA Definition of fluorosilicic acid


Fluorosis – infant dental warnings  FAN collection of infant warnings

Fluorosis – Google collection of fluorosis photos and images

Fluorosis – Less fluorosis in areas not fluoridated.

Fluoride News Archives from 1955 to 1988.

Fluoride supplements – FDA ordered them off the market in 1975

Fluoride testers Extech FL700

Fruit juices reconstituted with fluoridated water

Foli vs. Metropolitan Water District of California – Lawsuit brought by Jeff Green and Keepers of the Well

Gerber – Gerber Fluoride-Free Baby Water (for use during first six months) – Gerber Fluoride-Free Baby Toothpaste

Grand Rapids – Muskegon comparison study  Invalid

Hazan, Stan – 2004 deposition – NSF gets and does no toxicological studies.

Health Effects of Ingested Fluoride, 1993, National Research Council

Fluoride and Heart Disease

Fluoride from the bloodstream incorporates into atherosclerotic plaque when present in coronary blood vessels and the aorta, as published by doctors at the Veterans Administration Health Care Center, Los Angeles (Yuxin,, Nuclear Medicine Communications, Jan., 2012).

Declan Waugh on Fluoride and Heart Disease

History of Fluoridation Jeff Green and Dr. Mercola Waldbott and Bergstahler

Hydrofluosilicic Acid Label – MSDS

Hydrogen Fluoride – Hydrofluoric Acid – HF – used in cracking petroleum and producing gasoline

Consistent with the above discussion, the National Research Council Report on Fluoride in Drinking Water, A Scientific Review of EPA’s Standards, 2006, Washington, D.C., pp. 268-280 contains the following statements:

When ingested, some fluoride combines with hydrogen ion to form HF, 2.4% at pH 5, and 96% at pH 2.  HF easily crosses the gastric epithelium and is the major form in which fluoride is absorbed form the stomach. HF dissociates upon entering the interstitial fluid. The primary symptoms of fluoride induced gastrointestinal injury are nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain, and have been reported in human case studies by Waldbott (1956) and Petraborg (1977) and in a clinical study involving double blind tests on subjects drinking water fluoridated at 1 ppm (Grimbergen, 1974).  Symptoms were reported in 1% of subjects for either sodium fluoride or sodium silicofluoride water at 1 ppm fluoride. Although less than 1% of a population complains of GI symptoms after water fluoridation, the absence of symptoms in some may be related to hardness of the water. Chronic ingestion of fluoride water [lacking calcium] on an empty stomach is more likely to elicit symptoms.

Hypersensitivity to fluoride

Infantsfluorosis dental warnings American Dental Association  infant dental warnings  FAN collection of infant warnings

Intelligence – Harvard review of Chinese studies

Kailin, Eloise – Letter to Sibellius

Kidneys – Carol Clinch’s summary of the literature on fluoride and the kidneys

Kidneys – Fluoridation at customary levels causes kidney patients to develop crippling arthritis.

Law – Caselaw

Lead – Rulemaking proposal regarding lead.

Lead – CDC on Pregnant and Lactating Women

Lead – CDC – no safe level

Lead – Blood lead levels drop when fluoridation stops.

Lead – At the same time as Tacoma stopped fluoridating, Thurmont Maryland did the same. Blood lead levels dropped in Thurmont MD when fluoridation stopped. Unlike Tacoma, Thurmont made the wise decision not to turn the fluoride back on.

Lead and fluoride –  Blood lead levels and fluoride  –  Herbert Needleman  FAN on Lead Poisoning

Lead – studies on blood lead levels

Lead pipe – NSF 61

Lead Levels at Washington DC Taps

Legal cases dealing with fluoride

Lead pipes Lead in pipes  Brass pipes

Lithium – some “experts” want to add lithium to drinking water to lower suicide ratetoilet-to-tap as a backwards way of getting lithium in drinking water

LULAC – League of United Latin American Citizens – opposes fluoridation as a deprivation of civil rights

Mellon, Andrew Mellon, Alcoa Executive and Treasury Secretary, and fluoridation instigator
Memorandum of Understanding – FDA & EPA – 1979

Mercury Amalgam – IAOMT Fact Sheet YouTube Video by Dr. Paul Rubin Mercury Safe Dentists

Mercury Amalgam – Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions

Mercury – Thimerisol

Mouthwash – smart bomb to kill tooth decay bacteria

MSDS – Hydrofluosilicic acid – Mosaic

MSDS – Sodium Fluoride – Univar – Redmond WA

Mullinex, Phyllis – Letter to Army re fluoridating base drinking water

National Kidney Association – withdrew endorsement of fluoridation

National Research Council 2006 Report

NIEHS – Review of the Toxicological Literature on Sodium Hexafluorosilicic Acid and Fluorosilicic Acid

NSF – National Sanitation Foundation

789 N. Dixboro Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105-9723 USA
1-800-NSF-MARK 734-769-8010

NSF – has its own toxicologists on staff

NSF – assisted by EPA in taking over regulation of fluoride – Stan Hazen 7-7-2000 letter to Congress

NSF Rule 60 – excerpts – for additional fair use excerpts contact

NSF 61 – lead pipe

NSF 2008 Fluoride Fact Sheet

NSF 2013 Fluoride Fact Sheet

NSF appointed by EPA in 1988 to set public standards for drinking water additives

NSF – 47 states plus nine Canadian provinces and territories require that only NSF 60 approved fluoridation materials be used.

NSF certification – indicates that the product meets NSF product standards

NSF certification – means the chemical is “safe at the maximum dose

NSF 2010 tax return

Newspapers in Washington


Orthosilicic Acid, NRC 2006 reference

Osteosarcoma – Fluoride Osteosarcoma Law

OTC – Over the Counter Anti-Carries Drugs 21 CFR 33021 CFR 355

OTC – Over the Counter drugs and corresponding monographs

Ozonation – a very effective way to purify water

Phosphate fertilizer industry

Phosphate fertilizer made the organic way    Organic phosphate fertilizer     Organic phosphate fertilizer in tropics

Poison Fluoride web site

Pollick, Howard – Portland Tribune, History on the Side of fluoride Opponents – Howard is 100% wrong in everything he says.

Portland – Portland Tribune, History on the Side of fluoride Opponents

Pregnant women:

Fluoride pills banned for:

Federal Register (October 20,1966, ‘FDA statements of general policy or interpretation, oral prenatal drugs containing fluorides for human use). In the research article inPublic Health Reports by Horowitz, H. and Heifitz, S. (April, 82:297-304, 1967),, the following quote was published: “The FDA, recognizing insufficient evidence existed to support claims of benefits from prenatal use of preparations containing fluoride, banned the marketing by manufacturers of these products offered for prenatal decay prevention.”

FDA Pregnancy Category Rating X. The FDA classification scheme clearly described by M. Adams and L. Holland  in Pharmacology for Nurses, A Pathophysiologic Approach (Pearson Publishing, Boston, MA, 2011, p. 66) indicates that fluoride added into water intended to be consumed by pregnant women has an FDA Pregnancy Category Rating X.  This is because fluoride added into water has controlled or observational studies in animals providing evidence of fetal abnormality or risk. Detailed studies demonstrate harm to offspring in mammals exposed to blood fluoride levels typical in humans on 1 ppm fluoridated water, particularly to various regions of the brain (Mullenix; Redi; Varner and others, see petition letters, JEPH 43940, and Connett, The Case Against Fluoride). Substances with an X rating have no indication for use in pregnancy and yet fluoridated water is consumed widely by pregnant women in the U.S.

Pro-Fluoridation Web Sites

Pro-Fluoridation Articles:

Tampa Bay Times

The Herald (Everett Washington), written in response to this article by JRD

Public Health Service – the federal agency that started fluoridation

Questionaire to political candidates

Radioactivity in phosphate fertilizer – Fluorida Institute of Phosphate Research,

Radioactivity in phosphate fertilizer – George Glasser, The Official Spinning of Pollution into an Elixir

Regulation of Fluoride – EPA admits no agency regulates fluoride

Remineralization of Teeth by Fluoride – a Myth

Research – CDC List of Fluoridation Cases – FLUID = Fluoride Legislative User Information Database

Safe Drinking Water Act – No national primary drinking water regulation may require the addition of any substance for preventive health care purposes unrelated to contamination of drinking water.

Salt – Fluoridated Salt

Savings of $38 for every dollar spent on fluoridation

Scrubber liquor from the wet scrubbers in the smoke stacks of the phosphate fertilizer industry

Seattle – History of fluoridation

Seattle – Seattle Water System Map

Seattle City Council – Letter to Nick Licata, September 23, 2010

Sauerheber, Richard – Toxicity of Fluoridation Materials


Silicofluroide production – George Glasser

Silicofluoride production H.F. Denzinger, H. J. König and G.E. Krüger in the fertilizer industry journal, Phosphorus & Potassium (No. 103, Sept./Oct. 1979)

Scrubber liquor waste – unusable in industry

Snohomish Washington – north half fluoridated

Soda Ash – sodium carbonate – Na2Co3

Soy Milk – fluoride content

Source of fluoride intake, most fluoride intake is from drinking water and foods made with drinking water

Statins – proposals to add statins to drinking water, contraindications   debated in Britain in 2004  still being debated in 2013

Statistics – Fluroidation

Structured Water Mercola  Pollack

Sulfuryl fluoride – EPA is phasing it out  Phase out questionable

Suppliers of fluoridation materials list by NSF

Surgeon General – Oral Health in America – supportive of fluoridation

Sutton, Phillip Sutton: Fluoridation: The Greatest Fraud – Errors and Omissions in Experimental Trials (Chapters 19, 20 and 21)

Tetraethyl lead – Fluorocarbons, Charles Kettering, and Dental Caries   –   YouTube Video

Thallium – Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

Thyroid – Natural Thyroid Choices  Iodine – Fluoride Antagonism

Tooth decay – Fluoride reduces tooth decay 18-25% according to articles on CDC web site.

Topical vs. Systemic

Documents on CDC website admit the alleged effect of fluoride is topical

Document on National Institutes of Health (full article) admits that “the caries-preventive effect of fluoride is almost exclusively posteruptive. … Therefore, topical fluoride application (e.g. in the form of fluoridated dentifrices) should be encouraged.”

CDC theories about topical re-mineralization.  Recommendations for Using Fluoride to Prevent and Control Dental Caries in the United States, MMWR August 17, 2001 50(RR14);1-42

Fluoride Action Network on Topical vs. Systemic

Neither topical nor systemic.

The amount of fluoride in saliva of those who drink fluoridated water is ineffective to prevent tooth decay.

Fluoride Class Action: Toothpaste is not safe and not effective.

Science Daily – fluoridated toothpaste lays down an ineffective thin layer on teeth

Toxic Tort Action – Chris Nidel, Attorney

Toxic waste – fluoridation as tool for disposing of toxic waste –Rebecca Hanmer of the EPA, letter dated March 30, 1983

Toxicological Profile for Fluorides, Hydrogen Fluoride, and Fluorine, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR)

Uranium in phosphate rock ore used to make phosphate fertilizer

Vaccination – Dr. Blaylock on Vaccination, Fluoridation, Eugenics

Vendors of fluoridation materials

Vesuvius and fluoride poisoning

Waiver of liability – suppliers of fluoride try to waive liability, which they cannot do after obtaining and posting the NSF 60 certification of safety

Warning on Crest Label

Washington water districts,    fluoridated systems,    inter-tied fluoridated systems,    non-fluoridated with natural fluoride

Washington laws – indexed by topic

Washington DC – high lead levels at taps in 2004

Water consumption, 90% drink 2.016 litres per day or less, meaning that 10% drink more

Xylitol chewing gum from Global Sweet, made from birch bark, not GMO corn cobs
Xylitol superior 

More Links:

Warrnambool Doctors’ Open Letter of Concern to Chief Health Officer of Victoria

Professionals’ Statement to End Water Fluoridation

Australian Professionals’ Open Letter to The Premier of Queensland, et al

International & Australian Professionals Challenge Chief Health Officer of Victoria

Attorney Robert E. Reeves’ Letter of Notification to American Water Works Association

Attorney Robert E. Reeves’ Letter of Notification to US National Kidney Foundation

Professionals, et al Demand Resignation of Chief Health Officer of Victoria

The Case Against Fluoride by Dr. Paul Connett, Dr. James Beck & Dr. Spedding Micklem

Fluoridegate and Fluoride Litigation: What Law Firms Need to Know About Fluoride Toxic Tort Actions

Dr. Diesendorf’s Letter Calling for the Immediate End to Water Fluoridation in Australia

Why I am now officially opposed to adding fluoride to drinking water by Dr. Hardy Limeback

NTEU Chapter 280 Official Senate Testimony and Statements of Concern on Water Fluoridation

Hundreds of brave dentists speak out against water fluoridation

Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Scientific Review of EPA’s Standards

Joining the Dots on Australian Fluoridation Fraud

Dr. Connett Challenges Dr. Carnie

Video Statement by Dr. Brendan Kay

Video Statement by Dr. Natalie Ryan

Video Statement by Dr. Andrew Harms

Interview with Dr. Andrew Harms

Professor Masters Challenges Dr. Carnie

Nobel Prize for Medicine winner: Water fluoridation is “against science”

Fluoride’s Impact on the Brain: A Presentation by Dr. Vyvyan Howard

Dr. Connett Responds to Dr. Coonie: Part 1  ~  Part 2

Video Playlist – Professionals

Video Playlist – Dr. Paul Connett

Video Playlist – Dr. Paul Connett, Mildura


By Joel Griffiths and Chris Bryson

Fluoridation: The scam of the century
Bibliography of Scientific Literature on Fluoride

Fluoride consumption leads to brain damage, says study

Evidence Of Fraud In The Matter Of Water Fluoridation
Discussions on Message Board
Warning: Fluoride in Your Water Can Lower Your Child’s IQ
ADA study confirms dangers of fluoridated water, especially for babies
Parents Should be Warned: Fluoridated Water is Not Recommended for Infants
Fluoride Used by Nazis to Sterilize Inmates and Make Them Docile
The Codex, Fluoride, Auschwitz, Monsanto Connection
Why the fluoridation of public water supplies is illegal
Fluoridation is the Ultimate Deception (Opinion)
“Have you ever heard of a thing called fluoridation?”
Fluoride: The Hidden Poison in the National Organic Standards
Is Fluoride Really As Safe As You Are Told?
Fluoride is a Deadly Poison

August 17, 2001 / 50(RR14);1-42

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