Pressure on Dentists

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Scholarly dentists, those who have read the scientific literature on fluoridation, are among the strongest opponents of fluoridation.

Listen to Dr. Bill Osmunson’s discussion of fluoridation.

Listen to Dr. Mercola’s interview of Bill Osmunson.

I got to know Dr. Osmunson in 2008. We drove down to Olympia together where he gave testimony before a legislative committee. It was Dr. Osmunson who first suggested to me that the way to fight water fluoridation would be to sue the water districts which fluoridate.

However, a lot dentists are sheeplike in their uncritical acceptance of pro-fluoridation propaganda and have been duped into supporting this slow poisoning of America. They are taught to be uncritical thinkers and just to accept fluoridation on faith.

“Individual dentists must be convinced that they need not be familiar with scientific reports of laboratory and field investigations on fluoridation to be effective participants in the promotion program and that nonparticipation is overt neglect of professional responsibility.” American Dental Association White Paper on Fluoridation, 1979, p 10-11, as quoted in “Should Natick Fluoridate?” by the Fluoridation Study Committee, Natick, MA, 9/29/97, cited in this Fluoride article by Suzin Stockton and Maggy Graham.