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Greedville 8-16-14 Dear Dr. Maxey, Thank you for sending us your open letter to dentists about the silicofluoridation of our water. I have posted it here. Thank you for your dentist to dentist communication. Dentists are more likely to take your word than mine. I like your argument that we are not talking about fluoridation but about silicofluoridation. You are doing very good work. Why not set up Dentists fall into three categories: Some dentists favor all fluoridation, both topical and in the water. The more the better. Some dentists oppose silicofluoridation of the water but still favor applying fluoride gels, fluoride dental polishes after dental cleaning (ask for pumice instead), and sodiumfluoridated toothpaste. They know we are alll getting too much fluoride (plus lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, and thallium) from all sources, and they want to continue using fluoride topically, so they oppose systemmic application. The really smart dentists oppose all uses of fluoide. But there is no such thing as topical use of fluoride. Whatever you don’t spit out you end up absorbing through the soft tissues of the mouth, and eventually like lipstick you swallow it. The bond between topical fluoide and enamel is a weak calcium-fluoride bond and it releases when you eat anything slightly acidic. So there is no such thing as topical use of fluoide. Our mistake in this movement is that we have allowed the fluoridationists to define the debate. We have conceded that fluoride is effectively topically because the ADA and CDC say so, but it is not. Nor is it safe systemically or topically. But we do not say much about that. Like politicians we choose our enemies and choose to fight the worst enemy, which is the silicofluoridation of our water. Topical application of fluoide is a lesser enemy because you can quit using sodiumfluoidated toothpaste, but it is still an enemy because it is an ineffective and dangerous product. Around 25% of fluoride intake comes from toothpaste. (Please find the correct percentage. It is in the NRC 2006 report somewhere.) So it should not be dismissed as insignificant. You quote Mark Twain, who said: It’s much easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled. If you expect to convince someone he has been fooled, you should give them the full and completely correct big picture. We make a big mistake when we fail to explain that topical use of fluoide is not topical in the end and just as harmful. In some cases toothpaste is worse for those children who eat it like candy and become hypersensitized or those who brush compulsively with it. In third world countries fluoridated toothpaste is virtually the only toothpaste available. On the topical application issue see: The sodium fluoide we spit out goes out the treated water outfall into rivers. It is an excellent salmon repellent. See The chemical, fluoride, aluminum industries have no moral compass and will poison us for profit. A comparable is leaded gasoline, a harmful, unnecessary fraud. In Afghanistan and other countries leaded gasoline is still sold. Leaded avgas is still allowed in the US. See: There is another part of the picture we fail to cover completely, the phosphate fertilizer industry – which produces the silicofluoride. The point we fail to make is that it is an unnecessary industry. Most soil has phosphorus in it. The pH only needs to be adjusted downward to liberate it. If you need to add phosphorus, the old way to do so works just fine: Apply well composted animal manure. I’m a vegan, so I would suggest well composted worm castings. Or mix rock phosphate with green or animal manure in the fall and come back for the liberated phosphorus in the spring. The silicofluoridation issue is bigger than just drinking water. Our chemical industries have run amuck. Roundup is an example. When you eat Roundup treated corn or BT corn, or the meat made with these, you are eating Roundup and BT. Roundup is a mineral chelator and weakens both plants and animals. It is another slow poison. Keep up the good work and focus on the BIG PICTURE. Sincerely,   James Robert Deal , Attorney James at JamesDeal dot com 


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