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Stop Fluoride Diseases

By Robert C. Olney, M.D.

Remove Fluorides from Food, Water, Air and Drugs

To Promoters of Fluoridation:

Do you know the diseases caused by the “cumulative effect” of fluorine? If not, why not? Don’t you think you should know these facts before you advocate forcing more of this most powerful and indestructible poison on innocent people? Don’t you believe that anyone forcing helpless, innocent people to take in more fluorides should be held morally and legally liable for any damage to these people? Don’t you believe that the medical profession and Public Health officials have a great responsibility in protecting the people from the serious, harmful effects of fluorides?

Have you read any of the many articles on the harmful effects of fluorides taken from the world’s medical and biochemical literature (some of which have been abstracted by John J. Miller, Ph.D., Chicago, Illinois, abstractor for many years for “Chemical Abstracts,” one of the most important publications in the chemical world)?

Do you know one of the most serious effects of fluorine is on the brain and nervous system? As a result of the work of so many authorities all over the world, it is shown that fluorine acts to tie up magnesium-forming magnesium fluorine – an insoluble compound which thus prevents the essential enzymes from using magnesium. As a result, mental processes are seriously interfered with and nerve reactions throughout the body are depressed.

Fluorine is known as a powerful enzyme inhibitor and a poison, thus gradually destroying enzymatic function. This is the same process by which all vital organs are slowly and seriously damaged. The more vital the organ, the more serious the damage. Fluorine is such a powerful, destructive force that it takes only a minute amount to do great damage. This damage is then permanent to the person, and becomes gradually worse due to the accumulation of fluorine in the enzymes.

Fluorine appears to be the cause of many mental and physical defects in the newborn.

From the “Archives of Environmental Health” (published by A.M.A.), February 1961, there is an interesting article compiled from authorities all over the world showing the amount of fluorides in diseased tissues. This shows that in some diseased tissues, such as aorta, tumor, cataract, etc., there are fluorides from 39 to 158 PPM compared with adjoining tissues having from 0.0 to 6.9 PPM. This is evidence that fluorine is an important factor in the cause of these diseases.

Doctors Alfred and Nell Taylor, working in the University of Texas and reporting on the effect of fluorine as a cause of cancer, made the following statement: “The terrifying conclusion of the studies was that fluorine greatly induced cancer tumor growth. If doctors and the public can be made aware of this catastrophe, fluoridation shall quickly end. It will some day be recognized as the most lethal and stupid ‘Health Program’ ever conceived by the mind of man, with doctors and bloodletters not excepted.”

Everyone must know that fluorides constitute the most serious pollution problem in air, food, water and drugs. From all forms of combustion – industrial, automobile, etc. – large amounts of fluoride enter the atmosphere. In some highly industrialized areas it is estimated that each person will absorb 1/2 mg of fluorine through his lungs from the air daily. Large amounts of fluoride, the amount of fluoride in food, has greatly increased There is also a problem of increased use of fluorides in drugs.

It is important to know that when any fluoride is taken into the stomach in the presence of the normal hydrochloric acid, the fluorine, being a much more powerful element than chlorine, replaces the chlorine and we have hydrofluoric acid produced, which is one of the most caustic and destructive substances known.

Hydrofluoric acid is absorbed into the body (stable fluorides are almost insoluble) and can also cause serious ulceration of the stomach and duodenum.

Extensive research has also shown that fluorides change the chemical structure of the living enamel of the tooth, making it a dead chalky substance. Fluorides also cause calcific plugs in the dentin, greatly disturbing the nutrition and circulation. Thus, fluorides are harmful to teeth and cause periodontal diseases from which people lose their teeth in mid-life.

Public Health officials and Boards of Health should be protecting innocent people from this killer instead of promoting fluoride diseases.

For the U.S. Public Health Service to use hundreds of millions of dollars of tax money to promote fluoridation of the public water supply and deceive the American Dental Association, the American Medical Association and many millions of citizens, is an organized attack on the health of the people.

Reprinted from Cancer News Journal, Vol. 9

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  1. jim

    Sad thing is there was no lack of knowledge of the medical evils of fluorides was debated back in the 40-50’s. Shows what big government money and manpower and a excellent PR program can do. Fluoridation never had anything to do with better dental health from the beginning-It was about protecting Alcoa ,Manhatten project and the 8 biggest fluoride polluters who created data to get them out of lawsuits. The top secret Manhatten project and the insurance plan for the war industries were allowed to alter data to protect them from lawsuits from employees they full well knew they were harming,even killing by fluoride toxicity. Our Nuke program had to be protected at any cost. We sort of took it for the team with out fully knowing the evils of fluoride exposure. The science community did know the risks before the new truth was created by those that would profit.

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