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Bill Osmunson DDS, MPH, President
Washington Action for Safe Water
1418 – 112th Ave NE 200
Bellevue, WA 98004


June 3, 2012

City of Everett, Washington

cwiersma@ci.everett.wa.us; rramerman@ci.everett.wa.us; dwilliams@ci.everett.wa.us;
jmoore@ci.everett.wa.us; AHatloe@ci.everett.wa.us; saffholter@ci.everett.wa.us;
PRoberts@ci.everett.wa.us; rgipson@ci.everett.wa.us; DNielsen@ci.everett.wa.us;
BStonecipher@ci.everett.wa.us; ggoldbaum@snohd.org

Dear Ron Gipson, City Council President,

Washington Action for Safe Water is a not for profit organization to improve water quality in
the state of Washington. Although there are many pollutants in water, the addition of
fluoride to public water is the most egregious. The contaminant, substance, unapproved
drug is intentionally added and can simply be stopped by obeying laws and science.

It makes no sense to throw a toxic chemical, contaminant, unapproved drug at everyone in
an attempt to cover up bad health habits such as poor diet and lack of personal hygiene. If
Snohomish Health District were to focus on diet and personal hygiene, rates of other
diseases such as periodontal disease, obesity and diabetes as well as caries/decay would
be improved.

Snohomish Health District recommends ingestion of fluoride but fails to provide evidence
of an “optimal” enamel and dentin body concentration of fluoride which prevents dental
caries. Ask Snohomish Health District what is the optimal enamel and dentin fluoride
concentration (within the tooth) and provide one reference they have actually read.
Snohomish Health District fails to provide an “optimal” blood serum or urine fluoride
concentration which will achieve the “optimal” tooth fluoride concentration. Ask Snohomish
Health District what is the “optimal” blood fluoride concentration and have them provide
one reference which they have actually read.

Snohomish Health District fails to provide a single measured test, case, data or study on
what fluoride blood or urine concentrations are for customers of Everett City fluoridated
water. Ask Snohomish Health District what concentration of fluoride we have in our blood
and urine and ask for the data. Do we actually need more?

Snohomish Health District fails to provide data at what concentration of fluoride in the
water achieves the unknown “optimal” serum and urine fluoride concentrations which will
then result in the unknown optimal tooth fluoride concentrations.

Snohomish Health District claims to have 3,000 references on the benefits and safety of
fluoridation. Ask Snohomish Health District to provide a list of those articles they have
actually read or do they simply “trust” others to read the science.

Ask Snohomish Health District if their DEA license will cover the City of Everett’s use of
fluoride. Who has legal liability for harm? What legal support will Snohomish Health
District provide to the City of Everett should fluoridation, like lead, be found to cause or
contribute to harm?

Click here to read the rest of Dr. Osmonson’s response to Dr. Goldblum.



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