Notice to Everett-6-9-11

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June 9, 2011

Ray Stephanson, Mayor
City of Everett
2930 Wetmore Ave. Ste. 10-A
Everett, WA 98201

Dear Mr. Stephanson,

I live in Lynnwood but I visit Everett frequently. I like your teams, your new arena, your Coop, and your newspaper. My other connection is that I have to drink Everett water, which is what I am writing about.

I am sending you two letters about drinking water which I recently sent to Health & Human Services and the Environmental Protection Agency. See These letters demonstrate that Everett has great potential liability for its adding silicofluorides to Everett drinking water.

The silicofluorides you are adding to drinking water, used to fluoridate the water drunk by around 92% of Americans, are more toxic than sodium fluoride, used to fluoridate the remaining 8%. Silicofluorides and sodium fluoride are more toxic than naturally occurring calcium fluoride, which was used in some communities when fluoridation first began and which is still available. Of the three fluorides, calcium fluoride is the most pure; sodium fluoride is industrial grade but fairly pure; silicofluorides are industrial grade toxic waste.

Silicofluorides are highly acidic and readily dissolve lead – more readily than do sodium fluoride or calcium fluoride. Lead at up to 1,600 ppb has been found in drinking water in Seattle schools, which far exceeds the EPA maximum contaminant level (MCL) of 20 ppb. Lead permeates all cells in the body and reduces IQ. The silicofluorides also contain arsenic, a known and confirmed Type 1, Class A human carcinogen. For both lead and arsenic the maximum contaminant level goal (MCLG) is zero, meaning that there is no level of lead or arsenic which can safely be added to drinking water.

Silicofluorides are classified as poisons. As little as seven grams, the weight of seven paper clips, can kill a 70 kg adult. The one milligram of silicofluoride per liter which Everett adds to drinking water is of course not immediately fatal, however, the body retains roughly half of all fluoride consumed, and the effect is cumulative. Fluoride seeks out calcium, and is retained in calcium rich areas of the body. By the time we are in our 40s, our bones can be around 5,000 ppm fluoride, and as a result we might feel stiff, less flexible, and lethargic. In our 60s, bone and other tissues can be up to 10,000 ppm fluoride, depending on water hardness and one’s diet. One who drinks fluoridated water all his life will be less healthy as he ages and may have a shorter life span.

Silicofluorides affect bones, joints, and tendons and exacerbate arthritic symptoms. Silicofluorides are acetylcholinesterase inhibitors and enzyme inhibitors. They denature proteins. They slowly but surely attack the thyroid, pituitary, and pineal glands. Fluorides build up in the kidneys and prevent them from functioning normally and hasten death by kidney failure.

Fluorides bind with aluminum and facilitate aluminum uptake from the stomach, allowing aluminum to pass the blood-brain barrier, which is believed to contribute to Alzheimer’s disease.

There are many more organs and systems in the body which are affected by fluoride, lead, and arsenic. Please read the two letters enclosed for more information.

Babies are most sensitive because they drink so much fluids. CDC, ADA, AMA, the surgeon general, and many other agencies and organizations have advised that formula not be mixed using fluoridated water. Athletes, hard laborers, and those with diabetes and kidney disease are also highly vulnerable because they drink so much more water than typical people.

In Everett and in all of Western Washington, we are especially susceptible to the slow but certain ravages of fluoride because our water is exceptionally soft. Our snow melt water contains little calcium to bind with and tie up fluoride.

New tanker trucks of fluoride arrive regularly at Spada Lake. The fluoride utilized is the unfiltered and unprocessed scrubber liquor from the smoke stacks of phosphate fertilizer plants in Florida, Louisiana, Mexico, or China. The fluoride contains trace amounts of nearly every element on the periodic table. It is not pharmaceutical grade. It has never been approved by the FDA, EPA, or any other federal or state agency. It is only approved by the National Sanitation Foundation, which I show convincingly in my two letters, is a sham.

One small Office of Drinking Water within the CDC strongly recommends fluoridation, but the CDC has no authority whatsoever to approve or disapprove fluoridation. The CDC, EPA, and the surgeon general all endorse fluoridation. The CDC claims fluoridation is one of the ten most important health achievements of the 20th Century. However, endorsements do not prove anything. One must look at the science, and following release of the 2006 National Research Council Report on Fluoridation, it is clear that fluoridation is instead one of the ten biggest frauds of the 20th Century.

The Everett water fluoridation program is expensive, and the fluoridation materials corrode water equipment and shorten their useful life. Hazmat suits must be worn to handle silicofluorides, and when it is spilled on concrete, it burns a hold through it. In this era of declining tax revenues and budget cuts it is hard to justify adding dilute toxic waste to drinking water. Further, for every ton of silicofluoride added to water, one must add a half ton of sodium hydroxide. That’s right, we are adding Draino® to our drinking water.

Fluoride is not a mere additive such as chlorine. Chlorine kills bacteria. Chlorine evaporates out of water overnight if left in an open pitcher. Fluoride is intended as medication and is delivered without consent.

Therefore, I am putting you on notice that the City of Everett and its water department face potential liability in connection with the lead, arsenic, fluoride, and other contaminants which the utility department adds to drinking water as part of its fluoridation program. The coming lawsuits could be costly to the City, so please act accordingly.

It is important that the City of Seattle consult with its insurance carrier to confirm that it will be covered when the class action and mass toxic tort actions come. Suits over the fluoride, lead, and arsenic added to drinking water will be a growth industry for personal injury and class action lawyers. See:

The City of Everett can reduce its liability by ceasing water fluoridation, and the sooner it does so the better. As mayor you could end fluoridation tomorrow by executive order, and you should do so.

If you and the Public Utility Department fail to review the scientific evidence on fluoridation, such as the documents referenced in my two letters, as well as the letter I sent you in 2008, will constitute reckless indifference to the harms you are causing to the people of Everett and will increase the City’s liability.

Read a web version of the two letters I wrote to HHS and EPA, including links to scientific research articles, at:

Read the general overview at

Read the special letter regarding lead and arsenic at:

I hope you will grant me the opportunity to meet with you and discuss this matter. I would like to bring along with me Dr. Bill Osmunson, dentist, public health professional, and president of Washington Safe Water. See We are only trying to help the City do the right thing and avoid being sued.



James Robert Deal, Attorney
WSBA Number 8103

Copy sent to:

Dave Davis, director
Public Works Department
Utility Services
3101 Cedar Street
Everett WA 98201

Copies sent by email to:

Bob Bolerjack,
Carol MacPherson,
Bruce Wirth, KSER,