Everett Safe Water Lambasts Snohomish Health Department 9-11-12

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Seven members of Everett Safe Water addressed the Health District and explained to them just how wrong on the subject of fluoridation is Health District Director Dr. Mark Goldbaum.

 Listen to our presentations to the Health District

Attorney Deal asked for the records on the 1989 decision by the Snohomish County Health District which decided that fluoridation was effective. He pointed out that the decision apparently did not include a finding that fluoridation was safe.

He submitted documents which he said “totally demolish what Dr. Mark Goldbaum has to say in defense of fluoridation and show that he is not qualified to speak on the subject”.

Attorney Deal submitted a prescription for Dr. Goldbaum to sign, one which prescribed so-called fluoride to every person in Snohomish County, regardless of age or health, including pregnant mothers, infants, diabetics, those with kidney or thyroid disease, including patients who live in homes or apartment buildings or who go to schools with lead pipe. The prescription states that the quantity of the fluoride drug which the patient may take is unlimited. Further the patient may take it for life.

Attorney Deal delivered 38 pages of materials for the Health District to read.

Listen to what Information Officer Kristin Kinnamon said about a secret committee meeting

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