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by | Jun 8, 2012 | Everett | 1 comment

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You are invited to join the Everett Safe Water Yahoo Group.

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If you join, you are under no obligation to attend Everett City Council meetings, Snohomish County Council meetings, Snohomish Health District meetings and speak up, but we hope you will anyway, and that you will invite others, and invite others to join this Yahoo group.

The Everett City Council should institute a moratorium on drinking water fluoridation and then do further studies. Not the other way around.

See:  https://www.fluoride-class-action.com/press-releases.

I am setting up this Everett Safe Water Yahoo group to make it easier for Everett safe water people to get organized. I want the people of Everett to be able to stand on their own and help themselves. This Yahoo group will be a very helpful tool.

To subscribe send an email to: EverettSafeWater-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

To post a message or question send an email to: EverettSafeWater@yahoogroups.com

This Yahoo group is intended to be a way to announce upcoming meetings and share ideas about how to spread the word throughout the city.

My vision of Everett Safe Water is this: The group will become self motivating and carry on even when I am not working to push things forward.

My vision of Everett Safe Water is that two or three leaders will arise who will see to it that there will be someone speaking every week to the City Council and who will invite people.

The City Council meets on Wednesdays at 6:30, except that the meeting on the fourth Wednesday of the month takes place at noon. The address is 3002 Wetmore Avenue in downtown Everett.

I have invited some people to join who are from out of the Everett area who can help you if you have technical questions.

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  1. jim

    best of luck to all in your group. You seem to be doing everything correctly. If the City would only do their job of protecting the people. Informed consent is always important and undersand this is making a medical decision for people. The goal is to add a chemical to improve the health of some while knowing it will harm of health of many. The health harm is not just the dental fluorosis so many kids will get from fluoridation and all the other uncontrolled fluoride exposures not considered in the daily dose.
    The huge Teotia et al study was on over 400,000 kids over almost 30 years and showed more cavities at .6ppm and over. Also more cavities when kids had less calcium as calcium in diet is protective against fluorides. Kids also had more dental fluorisis with more fluoride exposure along with more cavities. Like in the poor in the US with the bottom 25% having 75% of the cavities. Poorer nutrition and less dental care and often less parential concern for baby teeth. Burt at U of Michigan showed this clearly in inner city detroit. Poor innercities have increasing cavitity rates with most all fluoridated for many decades. the lie is there for all to see if they only open their eyes. And it is very ugly.

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