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Fluoridationists say fluoridation saves $38 for each dollar spent. This is not true.


A critique of recent economic evaluations of
community water fluoridation

by Lee Ko and Kathleen M. Thiessen

Oakland, CA, USA,
Oak Ridge Center for Risk Analysis, Oak Ridge, TN, USA

Background: Although community water fluoridation (CWF) results in a range of potential contaminant
exposures, little attention has been given to many of the possible impacts. A central argument for CWF is its
cost-effectiveness. The U.S. Government states that $1 spent on CWF saves $38 in dental treatment costs.

Objective: To examine the reported cost-effectiveness of CWF.

Methods: Methods and underlying data from the primary U.S. economic evaluation of CWF are analyzed
and corrected calculations are described. Other recent economic evaluations are also examined.

Results: Recent economic evaluations of CWF contain defective estimations of both costs and benefits.
Incorrect handling of dental treatment costs and flawed estimates of effectiveness lead to overestimated
benefits. The real-world costs to water treatment plants and communities are not reflected.

Conclusions: Minimal correction reduced the savings to $3 per person per year (PPPY) for a best-case
scenario, but this savings is eliminated by the estimated cost of treating dental fluorosis.

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  1. Janet Pettit

    A young boy I know was diagnosed at birth with neurofibromitosis 1. This is also called von Recklinghaus disease. It’s related to elephantman disease. The victim, after puberty, begins to accumulate tumors just under the skin resembling marbles of various sizes. They can cover the body and can be very disfiguring.

    The incidence 12 years ago was i in 300,000 births. About 5 years ago the incidence was reported to be 1 in 20,000 births and today one report states it occurs in 1 in 3,000 to 4,000 births. How can a genetic disease increase 100 times in about 10 or 12 years?

    It’s fluoride! Fluorides in the environment are increasing every year.

    Fluoride causes hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism causes body temperature to go down. When the body temperature goes down, the body shuts off the blood flow to the skin to preserve the heat for the internal organs. I believe this lower temperature allows tumors to grow since there is little oxygen at the skin level because there is little blood flow to take it there and tumors and cancers thrive in a low oxygen environment. My little friend has a body temperature of 95! I believe if the body temp. can be raised the tumors might go.

    Its in all the antidepressants, anesthetics, gas for asthma inhalers, and dozens if not hundreds of other drugs. Its in every soda, most beers and is very high in wines ,grapes and raisins. It’s in all juice drinks made from dehydrated fruit juice because that’s the way it’s shipped and re-hydrated with fluoridated water even all the”organic” ones. I bought some make up a while back. I always read ingredients but these were covered up by packaging. When I took that off, sure ’nuff it had fluoride in it!

    Fluoride is used as a pesticide in every fruit or vegetable I tested. It can’t be washed off under tap water. You have to use soap and warm water because it’s mixed with an oil so it doesn’t wash off in the rain. “Organic” raisins have just as much pesticides on them as non organic ones. Save your money. I believe the pesticide most used is “cryolite’, made of aluminum fluoride…the very chemical a rat study showed caused the same lesions as Alzheimer’s disease. Fluoride damages the blood-brain barrier that normally keeps out heavy metals and other toxins. That’s why it’s used in anesthetics and antidepressants, to get the medicine into the brain. Ironically, fluoride can cause depression, and violent crime.

    Lots of fluoride containing products are slowly being taken off the market: teflon covered pans, Fen-Phen, the diet pill was fluoridated, Scotchgard that was used on stuffed furniture to keep dirt from sticking to it. Our bedding and clothes have a coating so we don’t have to iron them. They haven’t taken that off the market…yet!

    They used to use fluoride as the pesticide in tenting a house for termites. They’ve taken this off the market…too toxic, I guess. They’ve lowered the amount of fluoride used for fluoridation from 1 ppm to 0.7 ppm, a 30 % decrease.

    I used to live in western N.C. in the mountains. Mount Mitchell is the tallest mountain east of the Rockies. If you go there now the whole top of the mountain is dead. Nothing grows there now. The small college Warren Wilson did some research and decided the reason for the bald mountain was aluminum. I believe that also but what they may not have found is that the clouds up there have lots of fluoride in this. Fluoride facilitakes the uptake of toxic metals. I believe the answer is aluminum fluoride,… again.

    We must stop all the fluoride that is in our environment before we have generations of deformed children unable to function in our society and on federal help because they can’t support themselves. Can we start ironing our clothes again? Can we statrt buying vegetables that have a small s=worm or 2 in them? Where are our priorities???

  2. Ron Eheman

    Oak Ridge Center for Risk Analysis, Oak Ridge, TN, USA
    Oak Ridge Reservation, home of the gaseous diffusion plant, K25, uranium enrichment process.
    The operation of this bomb plant contributed toward huge losses of Freon into the atmosphere
    as part of the “Manhattan Project”. a huge fluorine accident release near Buffalo [Tonawanda] was covered up, the Du Pont chemical works in New Jersey whose fluorine production problems devastated Peach crops, Other industries like the aluminum and steel industries also sought to cover up huge health effects like the fluoride disaster at Donora, Pa. and the Reynolds works on the St. Lawrence. The DuPont company and Detroit’s General Motors formed a Freon Company called Kinetic Chemicals and the Manhattan Project would come to use lots of their product. Detroit’s Chrysler Motors made the diffusion tanks for the K-25 building’s uranium separation stages and each diffusion tank or “diffuser” carried a brass Chrysler Motors nametag and serial number. Freon would not cause the system to explode or gunk up the system from a leak. Inclusion of General Motors into the Manhattan Project brought in the Kettering Research Group of Cincinnati and the huge cover up methods on lead and fluorine toxicity. DuPont owns the Ethyl Company that made the lead for leaded gasoline. Kettering was the president of General Motors and he and another of his G-M cohorts are what the New York based Sloan-Kettering Cancer Hospital is named after. These connections started some of the most serious of the chemical injury and cancer cover up rackets in the US. Kettering Research Group of Cincinnati sequesters, for polluting industries, all the highly damaging industry information on fluoride and lead from the public.

    Just some of the early influences on putting a smiling face on fluorides and other nasty chemicals.

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