Fluoridation Suit Filed in Israel

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Israel requires all water districts serving at least 5,000 users to fluoridate. Suit has been filed against the practice of fluoridation. Follow this link:


Here is the Google translation:

Court first discuss the core issues of water fluoridation, including issues were previously Conspiracy Theory “such as the consent of the governments around the world pour into industrial byproducts of drinking water instead require polluting industries to plant and dispose of them safely.

Today, 12 November 2012, at 09:00 tribunal of Justice in Jerusalem
Jacob Gorman, Chairman of balancing returns and his attorney attorney Dan Ashkenazi and they wrote a legal petition
Requiring the State of Israel and head of the state health system, Health Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,
Immediately cancel the addition of acid Hfloorsilitzit (the fluoride) who drink of the citizens of the state.

Serving the petition – the “balance returns to” spreading health education in Israel, with attorney Dan Ashkenazi and Dikla Dan Burns from Ashkenazi Mcf”s, argues that adding industrial waste drinking water (or her full name – Acid Floaorosilitzit) severely affects the health of Israeli citizens and is thus forced medical treatment without consent, a crime under the laws of the State of Israel.

The petition has about 30 pages (not including the opinion) contains expert opinions water engineer Ehud there and a medical opinion from Dr. Arie blocks.

Two opinions and accurate data and information found petition the cast shadow
The mechanism of decision-making in the medical system, especially the Director General, Ministry of Health, Roni Gamzu and Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman

Two people who support water fluoridation stubborn, against many professional opinion, prevented the citizens of the State of Israel from getting clean drinking water with toxic chemicals, by-products of polluting industries.

The first sentence appears petition concludes my opinion the nature of the petition and the seriousness with which the balance Association refer back to the point:

“This petition deals with paternalistic government action without authority, which forced respondents to residents of the State of Israel to put their bodies chemical, fluoride, by adding those drinking piped into homes.

As detailed in the body of this petition, the material it requires respondents to state water suppliers add those drinking, is a toxic substance, dangerous, carrying hazardous materials information on fluoride itself, the manner of delivery does not allow any monitoring of the final result, it has serious side effects. ”

In a press release published by the Association balance back (attached as download and read at the bottom of the article) says the organization:

In Israel institutionalized state the process called “Fluoridation” in 2002 in the publication of Regulation teacher every locality larger than 5000 residents Hfloaorosilitzit add the acid to drinking water. The source of the acid, (which is basically industrial waste) by 2009 was from fertilizers and chemicals, which sold it to residents of the state water providers, such as Mekorot and private water associations.
Following public pressure, the distribution of network information, and protests, chemicals and fertilizers has decided to stop providing the acid, wanting to spend itself this negative spotlight. Since 2009, the state buys Hfloaorosilitzit acid and phosphates fertilizers plants in Spain and China.

We asked if he believes there is a chance for the petition said Jacob, “we assume today address very clear on the wall in front of the Ministry of Health, Health Minister and Deputy Minister of Health. Acid Hfloaorosilitzit is toxic industrial waste and no right and permission to stream it our waters.”
This is not the first time

This petition is the first petition filed in the High Court against the State of Israel and to nullify the addition of fluoride to those who drink.

In 2002 (HCJ 4529/02) The first petition was filed by the Local Government Center, Herzliya municipality and the Israel Union for Environmental Defense against the State of Israel and the Ministry of Health
With petitioners demanded immediate halt to water fluoridation acid Floorsilitzit.

This petition was filed after the then health minister’s call ignored Committee chairman, Labor, Welfare and Health Committee “to consider the suspension of the regulations, or cancellation, or postponement for a period of one year to re-examine this issue.”

Supreme Court advised the petitioners to withdraw their petition to allow the Ministry of Health to examine the issue further.

In 2003, a committee established by the Ministry of Health, headed by Prof. Avner Adin.

After two years of sitting on the pot, the committee submitted its recommendations in March 2005.

Among the recommendations – the repeal of compulsory fluoridation.

Also immediately rejected this recommendation on the – by then Health Minister CEO.
Banana Republic

A few months ago a brave attempt to pass a law in the Knesset that would prevent the addition of acid Hflorsilitzit those of our drinking water.

As someone who was in a Knesset debate on the bill initiated by the waves and flame,
I saw with my own eyes the conduct of Members of Knesset and especially the arrogant paternalism Health Ministry Director Ronnie Gamzu and other representatives of the Ministry of Health.

Despite the unwavering support of 57 Members of Knesset bill to cancel fluoridation, despite the opposition of the professional bodies,
Although medical opinion, including the opinion of the Nobel Prize winner, continued CEO Health Minister and Deputy Minister of Health
To retain the altar of stupidity I set only colonialism egotistical.

They treat us as stupid and ignorant natives who know what is good for them and so they allow themselves to decide for us,
Despite widespread opposition, what would be the water that we drink.

No more.

This step of filing a Supreme Court demonstrates that the responsibility for our lives we must demand and take.

I hope you’ll understand sitting ivory towers (Have you noticed the pun?) Of government
Who has the right to continue to introduce them to the drinking water of the people of Israel the most dangerous poisons,
And I hope that this time, unlike in the past, they did not ignore rulings, committee decisions, consulting experts – and above all, public resistance,
And do the right thing.

Less crime fluoridation!



HCJ petition against water fluoridation

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Press Release:

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Those interested in information extensive damage fluoridation, go to CLEANWATER


  1. Nachum Jacobs

    A debate on this subject will take place at Tel Aviv u at 6 pm Tuesday feb 14 2017

  2. פלואוריד

    I am the author of this article.

    This info is importent and I suggest you find someone well versed in Hebrew to translate it properly.

    I am willing to help you do that if you wish.
    please contact me via mail if you wish my help in that.

    Thank you and hope this shit stuff will be removed from our water soon.


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