Fluoride reduces thyroid activity

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Fluoride Finder:
How Much Fluoride is In Your Water?

from Mary Shomon,
Your Guide to Thyroid Disease


The link between fluoride and the thyroid is becoming increasingly clear to experts. Find out about the fluoride/thyroid connection, and then use the Fluoride Finder to tap into the CDC’s state and local database, which allows consumers in currently participating states to learn the fluoridation status of their water system.

According to the CDC: “The best source of information on fluoride levels in your water system is your local water utility. All water utilities must provide their consumers with a Consumer Confidence Report that provides information on a system’s water quality, including its fluoridation level. The state drinking water administrator or state oral health program also should be able to help you identify the fluoride level of your drinking water.

Optimal fluoride levels recommended by the U.S. Public Health Service and CDC for drinking water range from 0.7 parts per million (ppm) for warmer climates to 1.2 ppm for cooler climates to account for the tendency for people to drink more water in warmer climates.”

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Fluoride has been used in the past to reduce hyper-thyroid conditions. Likewise, fluoride will reduce fluoride activity of a person who otherwise would have normal thyroid activity.

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  1. Gregory Mouser

    I have been studying this ever since I first heard of fluoride’s effects and one of my dentist say ” how is your health? not thyroid health, but health in general but, yet he and other dentists in West Virginia simply are not accepting the facts that excessive fluoride does inhibit the underactive thyroid along with other health problems…

    At least I know more about my thyroid condition. . . and act accordingly to stave off other dibilitating side effects and or created diseases for Doctor’s to treat the symptoms and what I can do to slow down the aging process and eliminate arthritis in my bones.. .. I did have severe bone health and was attributed to familial history… . I reversed it after I was diagnosed at 39 yrs of having crippling degerartive arthitis simply by adding filters, drinking only steam distilled water for several years and got rid of my bouts with kidney stones and heal spurs.

    I am a walking testament on that Now If I can only shed 46 lbs of brown fat. . . .I can get back to my high school weight of 190.. . . at 59 my doctors cannot believe I do not have arthitis anymore Praise GOD. and I don’t want it or any other disease that fluoride helps cause. glm

  2. Gregory Mouser

    year of 1952 instead of 152 or if no money is available I wanna see some jailbirds in prison Forever Because Of This. . . . Justice For All Taxpayers and Voters. glm

  3. Gregory Mouser

    With being a person with a non-functioning thyroid as in congenital hypothroidism since 152 thru present day. .. I can attest to say “I along with others were duped by the system that keeps it in there.. . . . So… Mr Deal When will this ever be solved to the point of who will get reimbursed by the class action suit. . . or will the agencies and politicans go to prison. . . . What Say You?

    Could use some good news with some Presidents on the way……$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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